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SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology

With a standardized approach to integration, you can accelerate your digital transformation and become an integrated intelligent enterprise.

A proven path toward integration excellence

SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology offers a comprehensive framework that helps accelerate hybrid integration platform design, safeguard integration projects based on SAP best practices, and enable an agile integration practice across your organization. 


Jump-start your integration practice with integration patterns, architecture blueprints, and best practices for cloud and hybrid landscapes.


Extend and adapt your integration methodology with an open interface to address your unique business needs and requirements.


Benefit from all integration styles, such as process, data, analytics, user, and asset integration, to deliver significant value to your business.

Benefit from a guided approach to integration governance


The Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite automates SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology. You can shape, document, and govern your organization's integration technology strategy by applying SAP integration technology recommendations.

Raise your organization's integration maturity level

Move from ad hoc integration to a systematic approach based on well-defined integration standards.

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With this approach, you can:

  • Document your integration architecture to improve communication between project teams and systems integrators
  • Establish integration as a recognized discipline within an organization and leverage it as a competitive differentiator
  • Create integration guidelines with solution architecture blueprints and further best practices such as integration governance
  • Embed integration into an organization’s general culture

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Katrin Ahsen
Intelligent Enterprise Technology Product Management SAP​
Leverage a tool-based approach for the SAP Integration Advisory Methodology

Explore the first release version of the Integration Assessment capability of SAP Integration Suite, which includes an intelligent proposal service for SAP integration technologies.

Alexander Bundschuh
SAP Integration Suite Product Management SAP
Take advantage of integration flow design guidelines

Learn how to build enterprise-grade integrations with SAP Integration Suite with the help of SAP-defined integration flow design guidelines.

Michael Ameling
Head of Intelligent Enterprise Program and Cross Architecture SAP
Become an integrated intelligent enterprise with SAP

Get an update on the progress of the SAP integration strategy, including highlights on integration innovations along our business processes for the Intelligent Enterprise.

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Exploring SAP Integration Suite

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