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Get an overview of SAP Roambi BI tools

Explore our cloud-based business intelligence (BI) tools and apps for analyzing, reporting, and visualizing data – from any device.

SAP Roambi Analytics

Create, publish, and share visual data views with ease – whether through smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

SAP Roambi Flow

Bring your reports to life with interactive data visualizations, multimedia, and support for touch gestures.

Platform and Capabilities

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Scalability in the cloud

Deploy at the scale of mobile devices inside even the largest companies. Our platform’s cloud-based architecture makes SAP Roambi easy to set up, manage, and maintain – no hardware needed.

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Data security

We view security as both a critical responsibility and an opportunity to innovate. To protect your data, SAP Roambi is hosted on a secure architecture with industry-leading security features.

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Easy to deploy

Download the SAP Roambi Web application from public, custom, or third-party app stores – and integrate with premium MDM / MAM software, such as Airwatch and Mobile Iron.

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Global reach

The SAP Roambi applications have been localized into 11 different languages – so you can take advantage of mobile-ready BI reporting tools all over the world.

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Admin control

With a full set of built-in administrative tools, our cloud analytics and reporting platform gives you total control over your users, your content, and your account.

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Data from anywhere

SAP Roambi is data agnostic and capable of connecting to a multitude of sources. Leverage direct integration into business intelligence systems, databases, and more.

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