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Drive more business value

Innovate with shoppers and consumers in mind, while running an agile, efficient, and sustainable retail business

  • Increase revenue with deeper consumer and shopper insights to optimize your portfolio of products and services, and drive hyper-personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations for new revenue streams.

  • Reduce costs through intelligent and autonomous merchandising processes, shorter planning cycles, and staff empowerment, leading to reduced inventory levels, store operation and logistics costs, and markdowns.

  • Optimize your environmental footprint through more resilient supply networks, circular value chains, and replenishment planning focused on reducing waste and emissions.

See how our customers are driving business innovation in the retail industry

90% visibility into shopping behavior

Learn how Foodstuffs North Island Limited accelerates data-driven decision-making by unifying point-of-sale data for real-time customer insights and decisions.

50% reduction in planning cycles

See how Beeline stays at the forefront of fashion by accelerating planning processes to meet the needs of fast-changing markets.

Serving 35 million customers in 17 countries

Discover how Zalando is building a strong foundation for an enterprise-wide digital transformation to support ambitious growth while improving retail experiences.


Driving business innovation together

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