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SAP Lumira

Accelerate decisions by creating impactful interactive maps, charts, infographics, dashboards, and business intelligence (BI) applications with ease.

Self-Service Visualization Analytics Software

Combine your data visualizations into a storyboard to analyze information at the speed of thought and communicate insights in a meaningful way.

Key Benefits

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Access data and resources quickly

Get started quickly by selecting a data source or previous document and then creating new visualizations or composing multiple visualizations on a storyboard.

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Enable self-service capabilities

Gain full control of your data while allowing users to filter the information and empowering authors to create the exact visualization needed to tell the story.

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Let the data tell your story

Use a fluid drag-and-drop interface to quickly create eye-catching BI visualizations, compelling data-driven storyboards, and meaningful infographics.


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Deliver self-service data discovery

Simplify self-service data visualization and real-time analysis to address the needs of the business and end users across every functional organization.

Improve the data visualization experience

Take advantage of input controls, smarter defaults, and broad customization options that empower users with full command over data filtering and storyboarding. 

Acquire data from multiple sources

Pull together data residing in SAP Business Warehouse; SAP HANA; SAP software landscapes; and a host of on-premise, cloud, and streaming data sources.

Deliver analytics applications quickly

Get the BI insight you need from interactive data visualization apps. Use stories originating from SAP Lumira, discovery edition, and analytics applications.

Enrich data for company-wide sharing

Use prepared data sets, conditional formatting, and enriched data to meet the information needs of your users, especially those that cannot be served online.

Embed visualizations and custom extensions

Create engaging visualizations, stories, and infographics with cutting-edge charts and maps – all built into a fast, flexible workflow.

Support Web and mobile access to data

Get the visual BI insight you need with direct access to interactive data visualization apps on any mobile device – anytime and anywhere. 

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