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Ensure your applications are built for performance with SAP LoadRunner by HP

Quickly validate application performance and reliability before going live – with SAP LoadRunner by HP. This load testing software lets you simulate and run workloads, benchmark system performance, diagnose problems, and re-test prior to launching new or modified functionality on the SAP HANA platform and other environments.

  • Boost efficiency and cut development costs with rigorous performance testing before going live
  • Adapt to changing business processes faster by reducing slowdowns in development
  • Minimize risk of software failure during peak demand times with thorough, efficient load testing
  • Ensure SAP HANA preparedness by benchmarking the current performance of enterprise applications
  • Accelerate planning and delivery of the newest service-driven business processes

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In this solution brief, you’ll learn how SAP LoadRunner can help you quickly analyze and validate application performance against business requirements. Plus, explore an edition that lets you scale up to a performance-testing center of excellence.

Baker Hughes reduces testing cycle

Find out how this leading oilfield services company built a testing center of excellence (TCoE) to expedite and automate application testing. Now Baker Hughes is going live with hundreds of nearly defect-free applications at a reduced cost and risk.


Get the support you need to keep SAP LoadRunner running at peak performance. Our experts can help you maximize the value of your software, take advantage of new business models and capabilities, and more.
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