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Screenshot of SAP Enable Now software in action

SAP Enable Now

In-application assistance and enablement content available where and when users need it can boost your user adoption and productivity.

What is SAP Enable Now?

The solution can improve your software programs' adoption, productivity, and efficiency by providing in-application help and e-learning content to users. And with the SAP Companion service as an interface for SAP Enable Now, you can deliver that assistance intelligently.

SAP Enable Now wins 2022 SaaS Award

 SAP Enable Now has won the SaaS Award for “Best SaaS Product with 1,000+ Licensed Users”!


See for yourself

Try SAP Enable Now for free and experience the interactive demo.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Enable Now

Providing one IT training strategy for the entire company

Discover how Lanxess puts in place anytime learning that is faster to access and more convenient for learners than on-site training.

PLDT integrates work and digital learning content with SAP Enable Now

Find out how PLDT Inc. implemented a user-friendly solution to effectively create digital training materials and provide appropriate, improved training materials that users will appreciate and trust.

What are analysts saying about SAP Enable Now?

Maximize the business value of your software with training

Find out why increasing your ongoing training by 10% can double the improvement of your business value.

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