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Data Federation

Query data remotely – without moving it

Give information workers instant access to all of your organization’s data – with SAP HANA smart data access technology. Federate queries on remote data sources – including Hadoop, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE), and other databases. And retrieve relevant answers without the cost and effort of migrating data.
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Federating data

In this series of video tutorials, you’ll learn how to use SAP HANA for data federation on different operating systems, solutions, and components.

Technical considerations

Get an overview of the key steps required to implement SAP HANA data access technology, and then retrieve answers from queries federated to remote sources.  

Expert tips for data access

Discover how to access remote data in heterogeneous enterprise data warehouse landscapes, without having to move it to the SAP HANA database beforehand.

Data Integration and Replication

Acquire information from any source using any style of data integration

SAP HANA smart data integration supports all three of the major methods of integration: ETL and ELT, Replication and Virtualization. Move any data from any source – SAP and third-party databases, Big Data from applications and transactions, to any target – SAP Databases, Apache Hadoop, NoSQL and more. It also protects and secures data with encryption and masking of sensitive data. Turn raw operational data into enriched information that fuels real-time analytic and governance applications. 


SAP HANA data integration technology is delivered with one unified interface that radically simplifies IT landscapes, while harnessing the power of SAP HANA for in-memory speed processing. Gain open and extensible support for any data volume, data type, and data source with SAP HANA smart data integration.

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Get the details

See how SAP HANA smart data integration can help you glean meaningful insights from diverse data sources across your enterprise. 

Data integration 101

Watch SAP HANA Academy videos to discover how you can replicate, integrate and transform your data across your enterprise.

Leader in Data Integration Tools

Read how SAP continues to be a leader for the eleventh consecutive year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools 2018 report. 

Data Quality

Improve data quality and reliability

Deliver the data you can trust. Duplicate records, incomplete and/or incorrect data and many more quality issues affect operational efficiency, data analysis and regulatory compliance. SAP HANA smart data quality offers a set of capabilities for you to gain and maintain confidence in your data operation and decision making. You can transform data format from source to target, standardize and cleanse duplicate records, enrich address data with geocode intelligence, and manage other data quality issues across all domains and sources in one single user interface.
SAP HANA smart data quality capabilities are integrated with a number of SAP applications, such as SAP Agile Data Preparation, SAP Master Data Governance, and SAP Data Quality Management, for you to establish and maintain trust in your data. 
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Transforming data quality

Watch these free SAP HANA Academy videos to explore tools and methods for preparing, cleansing, and transforming data with SAP HANA. 

Striving for information excellence

Read how you can stay afloat amid a flood of data from internal and external sources by exploiting the integrated data quality, data integration, and data virtualization abilities of SAP HANA.

Leader in Data Quality Tools

SAP continues to be a leader in the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools. This report assesses 15 vendors to help you make the best choice for your organization.

Remote Data Sync

Make your data available remotely

With SAP HANA remote data synchronization, you can bi-directionally synchronize data between SAP HANA and thousands of SAP SQL Anywhere databases – whether embedded in devices or located at the edge of your network. You can make enterprise data available to remote workplaces or locations beyond the reach of high-bandwidth connections. And you can collect and analyze remote data to monitor devices at distant locations – enabling your entire business to be more responsive.
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Connect with your data

Learn more about how SAP HANA remote data synchronization helps you share data with applications at distant locations – even with intermittent connectivity.

Data sync use cases

Read about three common use cases that illustrate why a distributed data model still has a role to play – even in this age of cloud computing.

Join the community

Explore the SAP Anywhere community – and learn how you can build database-powered applications in embedded, mobile, and remote environments.
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