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Achieve cloud freedom with SAP HANA

Accelerate business innovation in the cloud without provider lock-in by leveraging a broad set of development and deployment options across public cloud provider platforms and in private clouds. Take advantage of true hybrid compatibility of SAP HANA to develop once and deploy anywhere – in the cloud or on premise.

Additional cloud deployment options and cloud service providers

Tailor your data management in the cloud specifically for your business.

Whether you are looking to develop and deploy new applications, extend your business processes, or run your SAP solutions in the cloud – SAP HANA offers the broadest multi-cloud deployment options across both public and private clouds, and a wide array of payment options from bring your own license to pay-by-the-hour payment methods. Leverage cloud freedom with SAP HANA.

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SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is the only end-to-end solution of its kind, delivering comprehensive cloud infrastructure and managed services for our in-memory applications, database, and platform. 

SAP HANA on Public Cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Bring your own SAP HANA license to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or IBM clouds – via SAP HANA Infrastructure Services.

SAP HANA Express on Public Cloud

SAP HANA, express edition is a streamlined version of SAP HANA designed to run on
laptops and other hosts, such as cloud-hosted virtual machines.


This single instance of our market-leading in-memory computing platform is hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud –providing you with a faster, more affordable way to use SAP HANA.

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