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Store sensor data in SAP Vora

By Thorsten Schneider

Use SAP Vora to store sensor data


You will learn

During this tutorial, you will store sensor data in SAP Vora. Thereto you will load the data which you have stored in HDFS to SAP Vora.

Step 1: Add and configure SAP Vora HdfsLoader

Open the pipeline which you have created during the previous tutorials (test.myFirstPipeline) in the modelling environment http://localhost:8090.

Add a SAP Vora HdfsLoader operator to the pipeline by drag & drop. Then connect the outFilename port of the HDFS Consumer operator to the inhdfsfilename port of the SAP Vora HdfsLoader.


Configure the SAP Vora HdfsLoader operator. You need to maintain the following properties:

Property Value
dsn v2://vora:2202/?binary=true
hadoopNamenode hdfs:9000
initStatements DROP TABLE IF EXISTS SENSORDATA; CREATE TABLE SENSORDATA (counter INTEGER, deviceid INTEGER, temperature DOUBLE, humidity DOUBLE, co2 DOUBLE, co DOUBLE, lpg DOUBLE, smoke DOUBLE, presence INTEGER, light DOUBLE, sound DOUBLE);

Afterwards press the Save button.

Step 2: Execute the data pipeline and check result in SAP Vora

Press the Run button to execute the pipeline.

When the Status tab indicates that the pipeline is running, wait a moment and then open the SAP Vora Tools http://localhost:9225. Navigate to Data Browser (1). Select table SENSORDATA. If necessary (i.e. if an error message table SENSORDATA is not registered with Spark is displayed), register table SENSORDATA with Spark via the the context menu (2).


Stop the pipeline by pressing the Stop button.

Attention: If no data is stored in SAP Vora, you can add a Terminal operator to the pipeline and connect it with the outresult port of the SAP Vora HdfsLoader operator. If you see an error message like could not handle api call, failure reason : execution of scheduler plan failed, you might have incorrectly connected the Kafka Consumer operator and the ToString Converter operator. Please review the previous tutorial.

Updated 12/21/2017

Time to Complete

15 Min




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