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Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Customer Snapshot: Overview

2 forms for new employees, down from 13

More people than ever are visiting Australia and moving there, too. That means the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has their hands full, issuing visas, controlling cargo, patrolling the border and monitoring immigration and citizenship.

Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection

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Human Resources

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Looking to streamline processes, eliminate waste, create a collaborative environment and define a unified vision, they turned to SAP to consolidate existing solutions, encourage collaboration and banish paper from their processes.

Customer Snapshot: History

Australia Opens its Borders to People Seeking Asylum

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Securing the Safety and Prosperity of a Nation

The Australian Border Force is responsible for the protection of Australia’s border in partnership with a range of intelligence, law enforcement and other agencies. Their mission is to protect their borders and manage the movement of people and goods across it and, by doing so, aim to make Australia safer and more prosperous.

114 years of service to the Australian community 

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

To Protect, Enforce, and Secure

The Australian Border Force is focused on national security, the protection of their community, the enforcement of Australia’s laws, including the collection of revenue, and the security of their maritime jurisdiction, resources and environment. They develop and coordinate their border management framework in conjunction with partner agencies to deliver Australia’s customs, trade and industry policy. They are an intelligence-led, mobile and technologically-enabled force deploying resources to provide the greatest effect, including offshore, domestically and in their maritime zone. They also work to counter threats ahead of the border, employing sophisticated risk assessments through visa programs and working with international partners to deliver enforcement outcomes.

The Challenge

Room for Innovation, Not Paper

The existing human capital management systems relied on a mixture of paper-based processes and software solutions from multiple vendors. With increased efficiency in mind, reducing the amount of paper used and streamlining down to one single solution were the department’s two key goals. The third was to transform their new Innovation Division, dedicated to eliciting new ideas and solutions from employees and helping them flourish through paperless, automated systems.

Enter SAP

One Cloud-Based Solution

The department realized early on that Cloud technology was the answer to making the HR process paperless and more efficient, updating their visa application process and improving employee communication within their Innovation Division. They discovered that SAP was the key to achieving all of these goals.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A Sweet Transition from Local to Global Resources

The old processes were disjointed and paper-based, meaning a lot more interpersonal coordination was necessary on a local level. With everything now available in the cloud, inputting, retrieving and analyzing information is available any place, any time.

Better Business


More Information Available More Often

With the new cloud-based solution from SAP, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection is more connected and more informed than ever before.

Better Business: Benefits

Less Time Fixing, More Time for Innovation

With new self-service HR and visa application processes in place, IT spends less time managing data and more time thinking up new strategic improvements.

SAP Jam has proven to be a very big winner for this agency. It is the primary way we communicate innovation throughout the department. — Craig Farrell, First Assistant Secretary – Support Division, Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Better Business: Run Simple

All Voices Are Heard in the Cloud

The location-agnostic qualities of the cloud enable employees at all levels, times of day and locations to contribute input, feedback and opinions, making it an effective collaboration tool.

We saw SAP Jam as a quick way to support collaboration on innovative projects. It allows everybody in the organization, regardless of hierarchy, to communicate with one another. And it comes from the cloud. — Matthew Yannopoulos, CIO
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