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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Designed the Hershey's Kiss foil wrapping machine in 1914

Day & Zimmerman is in the business of helping corporations and governments make the world a better place. The company realized that the existing system was not only slowing down the sales process, it was a missed opportunity to connect with valued customers. A Run Simple approach from SAP helped Day & Zimmerman centralize its sales processes, provide better insight into opportunities, and created a more focused, customer-centric mind-set. The result: more meaningful customer interactions and better service.

Day & Zimmerman

US$2.2 billion

Number of Employees

Engineering, Construction, & Ops

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Human Resources, Sales

SAP Solutions
SAP Cloud for Sales

Customer Snapshot: History

To the Moon and Back Again

Day & Zimmermann is a family-owned company founded over a century ago. Their first work was to develop “Betterment Reports” that helped modernize American factories.
Today they’re still in the business of betterment. They specialize in construction & engineering, staffing and defense -- helping leading corporations and governments make the world a better place.
Over the last century, Day & Zimmerman helped construct the Panama Canal, put men on the moon and bring the Olympics to American households. Today they’re maintaining the nation’s power infrastructure, protecting American freedoms and driving technological advancements around the world. Behind every project is their promise of relentless reliability -- We do what we say.® -- so customers can do their best work, better.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Delivering a Complex Array of Services to a Diverse Global Population

Leading corporations and governments around the world rely on Day & Zimmermann to meet their construction and engineering, staffing, and defense needs. Meeting the demand for such a complex array of services requires a sales organization that has up-to-the-minute customer data.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Customer-Centered Philosophy

Customers rely on Day & Zimmerman because they can -- from deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, to financial stability as a privately-held company and 100-year plus track record of success, Day & Zimmermann gets the job done. “We do what we say,®” says the company motto, by drawing strength from their values, making them part of everything they do.
Day & Zimmermann makes a difference for customers by delivering solutions that increase efficiency, drive growth and manage risk. They apply their diverse competencies, deep industry knowledge, dynamic talent and established outsourcing capabilities to solve customers’ problems -- accelerating their success as they help build leadership positions in their markets.

The Challenge

Time Saved is Time Earned

An IT-heavy system was weighing down the sales team and disconnected processes were further hampering the organization’s ability to maximize their full sales potential. A stellar history, a great reputation and top-notch services are a salesperson’s best tools, if they can present them effectively to clients. The team at Day & Zimmerman decided their old system could use a boost to cut the load on their tech support team and improve the sales process. They looked to SAP to create a centralized sales process with greater visibility, better team communication, and better account planning tools, and to increase overall customer engagement.

Enter SAP


15 Years and Counting

Day & Zimmerman have counted on SAP for more than 15 years to understand their needs and help them best serve the needs of their customers.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


A Sales Team United

With SAP Cloud for Sales, Day & Zimmerman now has the ability to focus even more closely on the needs of customers with complete visibility of sales opportunities, and greater transparency into the business. Day & Zimmermann now has a unified system and consistent sales methodology that helps them better align their services and capabilities.

Better Business

A Focus on Sales Drives Business Onward and Upward

The result so far: Customers are satisfied, sales teams are more productive, IT time has been drastically reduced and, customer engagement is up.

SAP Cloud for Sales is driving a stronger sales-minded culture within our organization. We now have greater customer insight to align our services and capabilities for the benefit of our customers. — Jeff Lincow, Director of Sales Operations, Day & Zimmermann

Better Business: Benefits

Out In The Field, Sales Force Has the Information Edge

Customer engagement is up thanks to a 360° view that helps identify additional opportunities within each account. A sales team on the field has access to these tools and information via real-time mobile solutions, allowing them to plan and propose custom solutions on the spot. A back-end tool helps managers view the pipeline and check ongoing goals, eliminating time to compile spreadsheet reports and giving a solid snapshot of the business at any time.

Better Business: Today

One System Keeps a Company Connected and Moving Forward

With a mobile-enabled, cloud-based system, this diverse company can inform, track and unite 21,000 employees. This Run Simple approach saves time and money but also creates a more knowledgeable, more empowered workforce and a stronger sales team as well. From the outside, customers can now make more informed choices when selecting Day & Zimmerman services.

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