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Jessica Yang

VP of Engineering for SAP SuccessFactors

Jessica's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

SAP has provided many coaching opportunities to help me accelerate in my role. I had both an internal mentor and external coach that helped me grow within my career goals.

Jessica Yang 

Jessica Yang is the VP of Engineering for SAP SuccessFactors and likes to keep her mind sharp by solving math problems with her daughter.

“I moved to the US from Taiwan when I was a teenager and now live in the South Bay Area.

I’ve been with SuccessFactors for 13 years, since before they were acquired by SAP. I was very familiar with SAP since graduation as they are the top ERP software company in the world!

In my role I lead a 150-person global engineering team for the SuccessFactors Platform organization. My team delivers many cool building blocks for application modules to develop their applications. These building blocks scale out to support 7k customers, 3.2 million daily users and 40+ languages. I get to see how business evolves and changes because of the solutions we provide, which is quite exciting.

I am very fortunate to work with many very talented, dedicated, customer-focused and diverse people within SAP, and diversity is something I find particularly important in product engineering. Having talents from a spectrum of backgrounds in a software team (be it ethnicity, gender, age, etc.) allows various experiences and expectations to express themselves in the forming of the software. The collaboration yields products that feel more native and useful to users across the globe. This is particularly crucial for a cloud-based HR product that aims to transcend cultures and distances.

SAP being a global company, with very large EU/APJ/EMEA customer base, gives us great opportunities to solve interesting geographical, scalability problems. I also enjoy the collaborations in SAP. How teams come together to share their experiences from technical architecture and processes, to customer support.

Personally, SAP has provided many coaching opportunities to help me accelerate in my role. I had both an internal mentor and external coach that helped me grow within my career goals.

There have been so many great moments in my time here, but one of the best has been seeing one of my projects, which started years ago, being fully adopted by all ~7k SuccessFactors customers last year. The project started as a next generation of HR permission system to replace a legacy one. It took a few years to mature and scale to be THE permission model. We are now working on the 3rd version.

A lot of features I am building are helping customers to provide better employee experience with their companies, which is especially important in 2020!”

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