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Carl Touma

SAP Account Executive, Northeast Manufacturing

Carl's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

In my sales role, I am not on the phone all day, chasing down leads. I am also onsite with our customers, seeing their business from the inside out.

Carl Touma

I grew up in Boston, MA, the son of two Lebanese immigrants. I have always wanted to work for a global company where I would have opportunities to move to different offices, live and work where I want, and put my language skills to good use. Working as an Account Executive at SAP, a company that so greatly values diversity and whose customers span the globe, is the exact right place for me. 

For my first job out of college, I relocated to Arizona. The cost of living and climate is so reasonable in Arizona compared to the Northeast, so it was a great place to be. At my previous company, I didn’t think there was a enough emphasis on career progression. I wanted to move to a larger company with more opportunity.  My degree is in Information Systems and Operations, but I am a “people person,” I love conversation, so I knew Sales was the right type of career for me. 

I joined SAP in August of 2019 in a business development role, after learning about the position on LinkedIn and connecting with a fellow college alum who was working at SAP. It wasn’t exactly my ideal position (I was more interested in an Account Executive role), but I let the management team know of my desired career progression. SAP is performance driven business – work hard, achieve your set goals, and you will have a world of opportunity to progress your career. My management team appreciates that I have my own goals and ambitions and supports not only me but all early talents in pursing those ambitions. We are all, as we say here, “One SAP.” 

My direct manager was my advocate internally as I explored Account Executive opportunities within SAP while still in my business development role. So when a Sales VP asked my business development manager if anyone on the team could move into an open Account Executive role, she endorsed me for the role. 

Our Phoenix area office is a close knit one. One of the keys to my success is learning from the top performers we are not only physically in the office, but in the 100,000+ employees across the globe. That is the benefit of working for a company the size of SAP – the access to so much knowledge in our employee base and so many tools.

In my sales role, I am not on the phone all day, chasing down leads. I am also onsite with our customers, seeing their business from the inside out. I feel like a real professional when I go on a customer visit, with an entire SAP team, sitting across the conference table from C-level executives. For someone two years out of college, that is an amazing experience and what keeps me motivated and driven.

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