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Filipe's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

It has been, the greatest experience of my life be the leader of PRIDE@SAP Brazil and being able to do my job as a Enterprise Support Advisor . I want people to know that even though being different is not always easy and can be tough, SAP is changing that reality.

Filipe Roloff

"When I started at SAP, it was one of my best decisions in life because I was able to be in a different workspace and understand that your job is more than just doing a task", said Filipe. Filipe is an Enterprise Support Advisor, leading customers through digital transformation. He is facilitating customer screenings and the creation of tailor-made action plans, assisting customers in understanding the overall support offerings as well as providing support, and making sure SAP solutions run with optimal performance.

In addition to his role as an advisor to customers, Filipe was named one of the 50 top global LGBT future leaders by Financial Times in 2017.

Filipe shared that "It is very clear when you enter SAP this is a very different place in regards to diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, and innovation. People feel more able to contribute and give ideas. I hope to continue to connect an inclusion mindset of innovation. I believe SAP is a company that is a very big example for other companies. Not just in Brazil, but all over the world."

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