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It is a single portal of curated, field-tested and SAP-verified expertise for SAP Customer Experience solutions

List of Online Resources

The information found in CX Works provides you with field-tested strategies from our experts. Several resources exist to help you learn about the products as well as learn from the rest of the community. Keep reading to view the list of key online resources to help you through your journey.

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Get Started with SAP Customer Experience solutions

Resource SAP Commerce Cloud SAP Customer Data Cloud SAP Marketing Cloud SAP Sales Cloud SAP Service Cloud
SAP Customer Experience | The Gold Guide x x x x x

Video Tutorials

 View introductory, how-to and standard setup tutorials for all SAP Customer Experience solutions, through To get access to all the videos, please inquire with your SAP representative.

Product Documentation

 View product documentation for all SAP Customer Experience solutions.

Expert Communities

Get more information from the rest of the community, through FAQs, wikis, or community forums.

Live Events and Webcasts

To find customer community events and webcasts click here.

Services and Support

We understand the value of guidance and support from human resources.

Customer Experience Services are available to for the duration of your project, or longer, providing comprehensive guidance on everything from technology solutions and design, program recommendations, conversion to business value and more.

Click more below, to see how  the SAP services team can bring value to your project.

Resource SAP Commerce Cloud SAP Customer Data Cloud SAP Marketing Cloud SAP Sales Cloud SAP Service Cloud
Customer Experience Services x x x x x

For ad-hoc technical questions, you can also contact SAP Support

Note: SAP ONE Support Launchpad is available to partners and customers. For access, please reach out to your SAP representative.

Webcasts and Live Events


At SAP, we are focused on providing you with information to help you through your SAP Customer Experience solutions journey. The above resources are available to guide you through standard product details and to expose you to popular questions or conversations from the rest of the community. With this information and the expert recommendations available at CX Works, we hope that you feel enabled to design and build your project.