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Assessments are vital to a successful Migration to SAP Commerce Cloud

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Assessments are vital to a successful Migration to SAP Commerce Cloud

An assessment is a vital part of preparing to do a migration to SAP Commerce Cloud: it is meant to validate your solution readiness and identify potential challenges of migrating to SAP Commerce Cloud. Read on to see why you should always have an Assessment done prior to a migration to the Cloud and what should be included.

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Why do an Assessment?

Knowing what to expect, being able to plan for it, and avoid surprises when your project is in full swing is the foundation for a successful migration. Ensure that your new cloud platform is set up to provide you with optimum usage by executing an Assessment.

The Assessment is designed to help you plan your project and infrastructure effectively. Get a complete view of all project aspects involved and anticipate linked challenges - so that your actual migration project can run smoothly. Experts (SAP or Partner) will do an in-depth analysis of your SAP Commerce installation and its overall Cloud move readiness. This thorough investigation will provide valuable inputs for your migration project plans and effort estimates. Having such, you can plan and incorporate the migration into your regular release schedules with least possible intervention. 

The SAP Cloud Migration Assessment Service covers every aspect of your project: functional and technical insights such as upgrades, code investigation, code delivery strategy, integrations architecture, business processes and infrastructure sizing, as well as inputs for your project effort estimation. If necessary, the assessment will also provide recommendations whether an upgrade should be completed prior to, or in conjunction with, the migration to the cloud.

For more information regarding SAP Migration Assessment Services, including Objectives, Solution and Benefits, please look here.   

When to do an Assessment?

An assessment should be done when you are considering moving to the Cloud, and is recommended prior to signing the contract for the Commerce Cloud license.

Who should execute the Assessment?

The assessment is recommended to be done by the organization that will execute the migration project, i.e. If your System Integrator will be doing the migration project, then they should run the assessment as per their own delivery principles.

SAP Cloud Migration Assessment services and support can also be provided for specific subsets of topic areas. They need to be tailored to reduce the uncertainty and to support you best when it comes to decision making regarding how to migrate to cloud. The service can provide you with a feasibility and technology evaluation, so that you can make an educated decision regarding scoping additional transformation steps into your project. In addition, we have engagement services that are designed to support your partner with respect to specific topic areas, from safeguarding up to running a full scope implementation end-to-end.

Key Areas for the Assessment

When SAP is performing an assessment, these are the things that will be looked at: 


On request



Technical Considerations
FIT-GAP-Analysis to evaluate how the current on-premise installation can and will run on SAP Commerce Cloud. Migrate to SAP Commerce Cloud: Technical Considerations
Business Considerations yes Review your roadmap and align with SAP CX roadmap to determine potential synergies as part of a migration.
Compliance Considerations yes Assess your local data protection & privacy regulations to align with SAP Commerce Cloud.


This article introduced you to the fundamental need of conducting an Assessment prior to a migration to the cloud and what is included in the assessment.

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