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Configuration and Data Mapping | Template Download

2 min read

If your project is complex, has multiple environments, uses single sign-on or requires numerous custom data fields, consider using this Configuration and Data Mapping sheet.

It can help you document data and configuration decisions for single sites/applications or implementations using single sign-on groups.

Download the Configuration and Data Mapping Template

Download the above template and use it to record your configuration information by API key (Application Programming Interface) and by single sign-on groups.

With this tool, you can easily keep track of information like:

  • Data Centers
  • API Keys 
  • Registration Policies 
  • Login Identifiers 
  • Redirect URLs
  • Schemas for User Profiles, Custom Data, Subscriptions and Preferences

The list of configurations in this document is comprehensive, helping you keep all your details lined up. Download the document to see the full coverage.


  • Blue cells in this spreadsheet auto-populate information from the site-specific tabs. 
  • As the schema and configurations change over time, this template is intended to record decisions from a particular date. 
  • We also recommend that you reference this document in your Project-Fit Blueprint.


Some details fit just fine in a Technical Design Document. But for complex projects, it can make sense to organize details into specialized documents.

Using the Configuration and Data Mapping sheet can help organize complicated information and keep other documents from being too large and too difficult to manage.

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