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External Campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud Using Khoros (1/4)

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A how-to on executing external campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud using Khoros | Part 1: SAP Marketing Cloud – Khoros Use Case for External Campaigns

In this article, we will walk through how external campaigns can be created in SAP Marketing Cloud for the social media management platform - Khoros. In the follow-up articles, we will look at the marketing campaign use case between SAP Marketing Cloud and Khoros. Additionally, we will look at their integration along with some concepts between Khoros and SAP Marketing Cloud external campaigns. SAP Integration Suite is used as middleware for the integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and Khoros. We will also go into details regarding the content of the integration flow. Note, this integration flow is not part of the standard SAP Integration Suite content and needs to be adapted based on customers requirements. This is the first article of this integration series which will look at the use case between SAP Marketing Cloud and Khoros for executing marketing campaigns. The configurations required to build this scenario will be discussed in subsequent articles in this series.

Table of Contents

Business Use Case

Khoros is a social media management solution that allows users to plan, publish, moderate, respond, and analyze campaign performance across social networks and to collaborate across social and non-social teams using both social accounts and public data. Khoros’s mission is to connect businesses to the people they care most about as the social connections are deepest when businesses are informed by every customer interaction, regardless of channel. Marketing managers have better visibility on marketing campaigns by having a single holistic view of all the social media campaigns using Khoros along with traditional campaigns using other channels (for example, e-mail, SMS, and others) in SAP Marketing Cloud Marketing Calendar. These can help the overall marketing planning for an organization. Also, these provide aggregated Khoros campaign success data in SAP Marketing Cloud to understand the effectiveness of external campaigns using Khoros. Before looking at the use case, let's review some of the marketing campaign related concepts in Khoros that are required to understand the use case. 


Conversations are a central, secure social media management solution for brands to bring together all of their social accounts and the people who manage them into one platform. Customers leverage Conversations for content planning, publishing, managing inbound conversation, and reporting on performance. Conversation related APIs are used on exposing key objects within the Conversations platform. For this use case, these APIs will be used to expose campaign related parameters and campaigns along with campaign success data to SAP Marketing Cloud. Two key Khoros conversations platform objects are (required reading in SAP Marketing Cloud) :

  1. Plans
  2. Initiatives


Plans in Khoros's Conversations platform provide information about scheduled and published messages and enable the gathering of the Plans' performance information. Plans are used as an object to organize work and analytics in Khoros. The concept of the Plans is very similar to the concept of campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud. So, for this use case, Khoros's Plans will be considered as a counterpart of SAP Marketing Cloud campaigns.  


Within Conversations, an Initiative is a project or effort around which social media events are built. Initiatives can be used to group accounts, limit users access to sections of the application, or segment reporting to align with specific social media efforts. For example, an organization may create one Initiative per sub-organization adding the relevant social media pages and accounts so that each sub-organization will be separated from the other. So, Khoros Initiatives are required to segregate the Plans based on the users.

To understand more on Khoros related concepts, we recommend to visit Khoros's help center:

Use Case

Based on multiple customer requests, this use case has been defined to create an external campaign of type "Khoros Campaign" in SAP Marketing Cloud and to assign the Khoros Plans in SAP Marketing Cloud external campaigns. Before assigning the Khoros campaign to SAP Marketing Cloud external campaigns, campaign related parameters will be read from Khoros. The following steps are incorporated to assign Khoros's Plans to SAP Marketing Cloud external campaigns:

  1. Create an external campaign of type Khoros in SAP Marketing Cloud.
  2. Read campaign related parameters in SAP Marketing Cloud from Khoros (for example, ADVERTISER or EXT_CAMPAIGN_MANAGING_PARTY).
  3. Read all the Plans from Khoros for an Initiative and assign to SAP Marketing Cloud external campaigns. Marketing Calendar will be updated with the newly created campaign.
  4. The Khoros Plans will be enriched with the content and audience information in Khoros and messages will be posted in different social media channels.
  5. Aggregated performance data of Khoros's Plans will be read by SAP Marketing Cloud from Khoros based on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

The below diagram depicts the flow of how the external campaign scenario will work between SAP Marketing Cloud and Khoros using SAP Integration Suite.

The next diagram depicts the flow of how the external campaign success data will be replicated from Khoros to SAP Marketing Cloud using SAP Integration Suite. There is a standard report in SAP Marketing Cloud which will trigger the integration flow in SAP Integration Suite to read the campaign success data from Khoros. On first execution, Khoros returns a Report ID which defines the time duration and the data structure of the expected data. On consecutive runs of the standard report with a Report ID, actual campaign success data is read from Khoros

As per the defined use case, it is required to create three custom integration flows to create external campaigns using Khoros Plans and to receive campaign success data from Khoros. This does involve some configurations in SAP Marketing Cloud and in Khoros.


In this article, you learned about the use case of external campaign execution in SAP Marketing Cloud using Khoros. Now, you are familiar with the basic Khoros terms which will be used in the next articles in this series. In Part 2, you will learn about the configurations required in SAP Marketing Cloud and Khoros for this external campaign scenario.