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Campaign Example - Product Experience

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Campaign Example - Product Experience

Our campaign examples are providing real-life practices based on our experience. They include both B2C and B2B scenarios, are relevant across various industries and regions, and will give you practical insights into various strategies and tactics.
We are going structure the campaign brief by using our template as introduced in the article Business Scenarios - Learn How to Articulate Tangible Campaigns.

Table of Contents

Motivation and Background

The example at hand is a result of several customer engagements of the CX Services team in the consumer products, fashion, and the fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) industry, where the assurance of customer satisfaction and experience is important when buying any kind of good, product, or service. The example below was used in slight variations across Latin American Countries to promote and provide post-sales useful information about products from an existing and established product line. The campaign helps product owners get the best out of the product usage, securing them as loyal customers with the potential for cross-sell. 

Keeping the above in mind, we want to do a role play. Hence we will now jump into the role of Jane Smith. Jane is a digital marketer, working for our example company 'B2C Retention & Advocacy'. She has created the following campaign brief to describe the tactics for the Product Experience campaign of 'Vacuum EXP'.

Campaign Brief Characteristics



Jane's Comments
Title Product Experience -

Product Experience for Vacuum EXP

Sharing the best tricks and tips for a customer that already acquired our new next generation Vacuum. Providing useful information so that our customer will extensively use and benefit from the product, in the end generating brand advocacy.

Share the best tricks and tips for customer that already acquire our new next generation vacuum. Generating and providing useful information so that our customer engage more with the use of this product generating advocacy to the brand. 

Wave 1 - All you need to start

Wave 2 - Tricks and Tips

Wave 3 - Supplies and Maintenance

Buyer journey or funnel stage

Retention and Advocacy

This will also increase future purchase possibilities and gently push our customers to give a good rating on our product and post-sale experience. Letting our customers get the best out of the product usage.

Value-added for the customer

Educational and functional content on how to use and get the most out of their new 'Vacuum EXP'. As well as information on supplies and maintenance.

The different e-mail and SMS waves will address the call-to-action (CTA) to visit a landing page with the complete piece of educational content. Besides the content, both the e-mail and landing page will have a secondary (lower priority) CTA inviting to rate and review the product.

Contribution to marketing objectives

Go beyond conversion campaigns and really focus on the post-sale experience of our customers. 

Instead of only focusing on call-to-action to sales approach, establish a clear channel so that our customers can feel supported after buying this specific product. 
Success measurement
  • % reach of total customer base
  • % reach of customers in Retention and Advocacy stage
  • # of post-sales ratings
  • # of landing page visits
  • # of product ratings and reviews
  • Email KPIs:
    • delivery rate
    • inbox placement rate
    • open rate
    • unique click rate
  • Push SMS KPIs:
    • view rate
    • click rate

The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are going to help us to track our contribution to our corporate objectives. They directly relate to the objectives that we have assigned to this campaign.

Engagement type Push We want to reach out to our customers proactively and not wait for them to come to us.
Recurrence Always On The campaign will automatically and only be executed for previously defined purchased products, in this case, the example refers to the Vacuum EXP.
Duration and frequency

Long-running, Always-on campaign

Executed depending on the launch-date of the new product and the product lifespan/replacement interval

Customer segment

Recent Purchasers - Vacuum EXP

Inclusive customer attributes

Customers who bought and received the new Vacuum EXP 7 days ago.

Used attributes:

  • Purchase interaction
  • Delivery confirmation interaction
The campaign will only be executed for previously defined purchased products, in this case, the example refers to the Vacuum EXP.
Exclusive customer attributes

Opted-out from communication equals 'yes'

Like always, we respect our customers wish to receive marketing communication from us.
Communication outbound channels

E-mail, SMS, Microsite/Landing Page


Content description

The creative content will focus on sharing support and useful information about how the customer can get the most out of the Vacuum EXP capabilities and features. We also provide information about how to keep the Vacuum EXP safe and how to take care of its maintenance. 

The post-sale microsite is the same for every segment.

Each wave will be differentiated by using different product related and educational messages per wave. What we are aiming is to let our customers get the best out of the product usage and keep them as a loyal customer with the potential for cross-sell. 

This will definitely impact on the growth sales of this specific product. 


E-mail: 3
SMS: 3
Microsite: 1

E-mail: Text, images & CTA

SMS: Small text and link

Landing Page: Detailed content and articles about the product. Text, images, diagrams and video. Secondary (low priority) CTA to invite customers to rate the product.

The integration of product review interactions from the commerce shop to the marketing platform allows us to run a trigger-based campaign in parallel. Every customer who rates a product directly on PDP receives an automatic “Thank you” mail. Please note that this is handled via a separate always-on (trigger-based) campaign.


Three waves with 2 stages (e-mail and sms). Each wave is using an adapted message.

The first wave will start 7 days after the Vacuum purchase and will last for 4 weeks with a frequency of one wave every 10 days (3 waves in total).

(This 7 days should be count right after the delivery confirmation is received. It’s important to keep tracking on this date to make sure that we give the customer a period of time to receive and start using the product so that the support, tips & tricks information make sense by the time the customer receives it)

The mix between stages and waves will help us to elaborate the best mix per customer segment:

  • If the E-MAIL message is not opened (channel A), we will try a very similar message via SMS (channel B)

Running with this approach will help us to build up a better understanding of the needs of our customer base for future campaigns regarding channel affinity and best open times.

End of campaign (Executed depending on the launch-date of the new product and the product lifespan/replacement interval)

Like always, we want to be respectful of our audience's will to be contacted by us or not.

Comments Please make sure to check the flow chart. For any questions, feel free to call me. -

Campaign Flowchart