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Consent Playbook | Template Download

2 min read

Download this template to plan and document your consent implementation solution.

Download the Consent Strategy Playbook Template

Download Consent Strategy Playbook

Click the graphic above to download the template and use it as a foundation to discover and document your consent solution, whether it's the only feature you are implementing or as part of an overall CIAM implementation.

This document was created to be leveraged by technical resources (that is, developers) as well as IT project managers.

To get you started, see the list below for some of the topics incorporated in this template. Update the template with your project's strategy and decisions.

  • Steps for your Consent Strategy
  • Consent Terminology
  • Consent Integration with Identity Sync
  • Design & Capture your Consent Strategy (Questionnaire)
  • Consent Decisions in Detail to get ready for Implementation


Empowering your users to have full control of their consents and communication preferences has become just as important as being compliant with legal regulations. Discover and document how you can easily achieve this with future implementations and any in review process.

Now that you have this Consent Strategy Playbook, consider the following documents to maintain and record the rest of your technical solution:

Project Management:

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