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Data Store Playbook | Template Download

2 min read

Data schema and management can be complicated. Leverage the Data Store Playbook template to keep information organized.

Download the Data Store Playbook Template

Download the above template and use it as a foundation to document your data strategy.

Keep in mind that the document was created to be customized and leveraged by technical resources (that is, developers).

To get you started, see below for some of the topics incorporated in this template. Update the template with your project's strategy.

  • How you plan to use data in the data store (transactional, behavioral, profile)
  • Data keys - your data identifier
  • How to set your data schema
  • How to add values to data fields
  • Getting and updating data


  • Plan and document your data design before configuring your data schema.


Now, that you have this Data Store Playbook, make sure to keep it updated as your data strategies evolve.

Also, consider the following documents to maintain and document the rest of your technical solution:

Project Management:

Project Delivery Framework for SAP Customer Data Cloud


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