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Side-by-side Extensibility with SAP Rapid Application Development Service by Mendix Part 1/3

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SAP Marketing Cloud - Side-by-side extensibility with SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix

The SAP Marketing Cloud standard solution can be enhanced with in-app extensibility and external tools. An overview regarding the different extensibility options can be found in the article ‘Extensibility Overview for SAP Marketing Cloud’.

In this article series we will focus on SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix for side-by-side extensibility to build applications for desktop and mobile. SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix can be leveraged in all CX solutions, as well as for S4 and other SAP products. In the first article we will talk about the motivation to use SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix and we will provide an overview of a trade fair implementation scenario. The second article will show how to get started with the side-by-side extensibility of your solution. Finally in the third article we will have look at the concrete implementation example of the trade fair application.

Table of Contents

What is Low-Code?

low-code development platform provides an environment developers use to create applications and extensions through graphical user interfaces and configuration. Low-code development platforms reduce the amount of traditional hand coding, enabling accelerated delivery of applications.

A common benefit is that a wider range of people can contribute to the application's development - not only those with deep programming skills.
Low code can also lower the initial cost of setup, training, and deployment.

Side-by-side extensibility with SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix

SAP chose to partner with Mendix to deliver a low-code, enterprise-ready solution running on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix offers a web based environment for business analysts and key users. For IT Professionals a local environment, known as Mendix Studio Pro, can be used to develop the applications.

The user story, described in this article, was implemented with Mendix Studio Pro. Mendix Studio Pro provides enhanced functionality like a debugger and is therefore highly recommended.

Key benefits of SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix

Mendix and SAP jointly developed many functionalities to run the SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix within the SAP BTP. These unique capabilities make the full cycle of application creation to deployment in an SAP landscape simpler, faster and easier. They could be categorized under developer experience, SAP content, extending SAP solutions and business user experience.

In the the following articles we will take a closer look at the SAP OData Connector of SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix, which makes the integration with SAP Marketing Cloud very easy.

Architecture Overview

Side-by-side extensibility means, that the extensibility scenario will be build in another application, in this case in SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix. 

The SAP OData Connector provides functionalities, like basic authentication and OData operations (e.g. get, put or delete entry/list), to connect to SAP Marketing Cloud APIs. The data is then retrieved and posted from SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix to SAP Marketing Cloud. In the application an own Fiori based theme can be used and the application can be integrated in the Fiori Launchpad of SAP Marketing Cloud. The application is running on the SAP BTP and is implemented in SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix.

User Story

In the second article we will provide more insights how you get started and setup the domain model with SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix. In the third article the focus will be on the implementation of the application, so the development of the microflows and pages. As user story we did choose a trade fair scenario, which will be described in more detail below. In addition you can find an introduction video of SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix which highlights the user story:


In B2B Marketing, business companies use onsite trade fair shows to generate new leads with the support of their sales representatives. Being present with a booth at a trade fair is a great opportunity for companies to present product innovations. It allows companies to get in touch with existing customers and to generate new marketing leads.

From a marketing perspective the goal is to gather as much information as possible about a customers interest. This might ultimately lead to a sales opportunity by offering a demo or a more detailed product presentation.

Involved Personas

The subsequent use case is related to the following personas:

  • Michael is the marketing expert, who launched the email campaign for the invitation to the trade fair 

  • Klaus Gerald is the contact person of corporate account “Philmans Equipment” who participates at the trade fair 

  • Thomas is the event manager, who guides participants at the booth of the trade fair   

  • Juergen is the responsible salesperson for the corporate account “Philmans Equipment”  

Preparation of trade fair as marketing event

The marketing departments use the booth at a trade fair as non-virtual engagement location to get in touch with the contact in person. In order tengage contacts for the trade fairMichael schedules an email campaign, with the intent to lead the engaged contacts to the company’s booth.  The email contains, next to the date and time of the trade fair, also the physical location of the booth, and a list of product demos which might be interesting for him 

Registration of Contact to desired product demos  

Klaus opens the email and decides to join the trade fair. A link in the email leads to a landing page where he can register himself for the desired product demo. Klaus forgets to register himself, however he is able to use the alphanumeric registration code that was shared with the same email. This finally allows Klaus to register himself for the product demonstration at the booth.

When going to a given terminal at the booth, Klaus can enter the registration-code along with his email-address at the desk.  When doing so, information about hiindividual contact information gets transferred to the trade fair app being developed by SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix 

Maintain contact data  

Klaus gets the trade fair app opened, the user interface highlights his contact profile information including communication data like email, phone and postal address.  As business user of the app Klaus can change his contact profile information. When Klaus submits the entered information, the profile data gets updated in SAP Marketing Cloud. 

Submit request for product demo  

Within the app a list of proposed product demo sessions are shown, which allows Klaus to easily sign up for the ones that suit him best. Those sessions also highlight the respective product information: product name, description as well as a URL that leads to the product page on the webshop. 

As a result interactions of type "registration" are created in SAP Marketing Cloud. Those interactions are referring to the session & the related product information as well as to the trade fair object itself. 

Schedule 1-1 meeting with responsible salesperson  

In addition, also a 1-1 sales meeting with Juergen, the responsible salesperson for the customer, can be requested. When requesting a 1-1 meeting, an interaction is created which serves as a trigger for a campaign. This campaign will generate a task for the responsible sales person in the SAP Sales Cloud. 

In this example, Jürgen will get the task for a 1-1 sales meeting assigned in SAP Sales Cloud.

Measure success of trade fair  

Both, interactions to request a product demo as well as trigger interactions for a SAP Sales Cloud task are entered with reference to the original campaign being sent to the contact to engage his participation. These interactions are used to measure the success of the campaign in terms of conversions of the trade fair, using for example the measures NumberOfAppEngagements or NumberOfAppointments. 


In this article, you learned more about SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix by taking a closer look at the key benefits and the architecture overview.

In addition, the user story was explained in more detail, this same user story will be used as an implementation example in part three of this article series

Before jumping to the implementation, the second part of the article series will show how to get started with the side-by-side extensibility of your solution.