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Global Access for SAP Customer Data

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Global Access for SAP Customer Data: SAP Microlearning Video 

Just as your company may operate at a global scale, so should your user experience! Global Access is a feature of SAP Customer Data that provides customers a consistent user experience, regardless of their physical location. The icing on the cake: User data is stored at the data center users used to create their account, thus allowing for data residency regulations to be upheld without compromising the experience. 

If you are unsure if this functionality may benefit your organization, consider if any of the following use cases have similarities to your business model:

  • Your company is a global chain of cafes and restaurants, with a loyalty program for registered members. A French registered user is waiting in the Sydney airport for their flight back home and notices your cafe branch. They seamlessly log into their account on the localized Australian website, redeem the discount, order the coffee online and enjoy a great experience with your brand. 
  • You sell quality bikes with a lifetime guarantee for bike frames. A customer from the U.S. is touring China on their bike and has damaged their frame. They log in to the local website, receive information of the nearest shop, provide online proof of purchase via their existing account and order a replacement part, which is ready for them free of charge at the shop the following day. 
  • Your site admin is setting up the implementation of SAP Customer Data Cloud for your global brand. They configure a site schema and policies that are shared between all sites in the global site group; they then easily customize language-specific Screen-Sets for registration, login and consent collection, using the UI Builder. If needed, they can set different policies on the child site.

Now that the concept of Global Access may be a bit more clear - consider taking a deeper dive into the capabilities and witness a demo of how to configure this for your properties:


With this article and video, you should have received good insight into Global Access.
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