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Global Data Residency and SAP Customer Data

3 min read

Global Data Residency and SAP Customer Data: SAP Microlearning Video

As our world develops around us, our technology must evolve too. In recent years, data privacy has become of the greatest concern when considering what technical solutions companies and businesses should integrate into their technology stack - especially in cases where customer data is involved. 

SAP is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of our customers’ personally identifiable information according to local and international privacy laws and has even released capabilities within the SAP Customer Data Cloud platform to ensure that each customer can configure the solution to meet the requirements of their specific governments or regions. 

In the SAP Microlearning video below, you will learn about key topics and features that are available within the SAP Customer Data Cloud System to ensure that Data Privacy and Social Compliance Regulations are met within your implementations. Topics include: 

  • Data Center Locations
  • Global Access
  • Security Measures
  • Social Compliance
  • CDC System Features


You now should have a broader understanding of Global Data Residency topics within SAP Customer Data Cloud. 

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