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Day in the Life: The Dispatcher

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The Dispatcher

Introducing Sophie, a Dispatcher

As a dispatcher, Sophie communicates regularly with technicians and assigns them jobs that match their skills, schedule and locale.

Her source of truth is SAP Field Service Management (FSM), a software tool that she uses to streamline her responsibilities as a dispatcher.

Tickets received through the call center are automatically created in FSM as service calls. It is Sophie's responsibility to dispatch these as activities to the technicians. 

Together with Sophie, we'll explore a few key scenarios that a dispatcher will experience on a typical work day. Please note that the time for these scenarios can vary and should not be used for scoping purposes.

09:00 AM

Bright and early in the morning, Sophie takes over from the night shift dispatcher. In Sophie's industry, breakdowns and emergency repairs are a 24/7 job. Because of this, sometimes dispatchers will need to dispatch on the fly to technicians that work overnight.

Over a cup of coffee, she spends the first hour searching through the incidents that need to be scheduled for today, the first of May. To achieve this, she uses the a filter to only show tasks that are due today. 

09:30 AM

Sophie starts scheduling all of the jobs to technicians that require urgent attention now. To ensure that she finds the right technician, she relies on the 'Best Matching Technician' feature to match the skills on the job, with the skills of her technicians.

One particular job that she needs to assign today involves fixing some flickering lights, so she needs to find a technician that is an electrician.

Using 'Best Matching Technician', she finds that Jack is the best man to do the job and assigns the service call to him.

11:00 AM

Sophie receives a call from Jack. He says that he can't finish the job today for personal reasons.

Sophie contacts another technician George, and asks if they can get the job done today.

George agrees to complete the work later that afternoon, so Sophie re-assigns the activity to him.

In FSM, all Sophie has to do is to drag & drop the activity from one technician to the other and then release it again.


Sophie usually spends the afternoons scheduling activities that are due later in the week. While most jobs require only a single technician, sometimes a job needs to be performed by more than one person.

There is a two man job coming up tomorrow that she will be assigning to both George and Jack. In FSM, she can hold down 'ctrl' on the keyboard and drag a duplicated activity to the another technician.

14:30 PM

Brian, another technician, notifies Sophie that he needs to take Monday off for a dentist appointment.

Sophie goes ahead and quickly books in a sick leave reservation for Brian so that he is not scheduled jobs while he is unavailable.

16:00 PM

Towards the end of the day, Sophie starts reviewing the 'Time and Material Journal' in FSM, where entries have begun to come through from completed activities. She ensures that her technicians have entered in their time and expenses correctly for each activity. When everything looks good, she approves and has the activities automatically sent off to the back-end system for billing, or other purposes.

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