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Campaign Example - Product Launch

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Campaign Example - Product Launch

Our campaign examples are providing real-life practices based on our experience. They include both B2C and B2B scenarios, are relevant across various industries and regions, and will give you practical insights into various strategies and tactics.

We are going structure the campaign brief by using our template as introduced in the article Business Scenarios - Learn How to Articulate Tangible Campaigns.

Table of Contents

Motivation and Background

The example at hand is a result of several customer engagements of the CX Services team in the consumer products, fashion and fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) industry, where a launch of a new product is often accompanied by heavy marketing activities. The below example was used in slight variations across Europe and Asia to promote products from an existing and established product line. Furthermore, product awareness campaigns had been executed upfront and partly in parallel to build up excitement and acquire prospects. Therefore our focus was on consideration tactics to bridge the consumer experience gap between awareness until actual conversion. 

Keeping the above in mind, we want to do a role play. Hence we will now jump into the role of Jane Smith. Jane is a digital marketer, working for our example company 'B2C Awesome Experience (BAE)'. She has created the following campaign brief to describe the tactics for the launch of BAE's net new 'Vacuum EXP'. In addition Jane was so nice to leave us some comments to better understand the rationale of her decisions.

Campaign Brief Characteristics



Jane's Comments
Title Product Launch -

Product Launch Vacuum EXP

Promotion of our net new next generation vacuum experience. Perfect for singles, families and for professional usage.

Build up on top of the generated excitement by the brand and product awareness campaigns. Nurture prospect to move them into consideration stage. Promote our new 'Vacuum EXP' to increase the pre-order numbers from consumers.

Buyer journey or funnel stage


The campaign will be used to nurture prospects up until the actual release date of our new product. We will focus on the existing customer base that is already aware of our products to gain maximum campaign performance.

We are going to address mainly existing customers. Therefore, you could look at this campaign from a renewal or advocacy perspective. Anyways, our tactics are only focused on the consideration of a particular product.

Value-added for the customer

Educational content on the advantages of the new 'Vacuum EXP' and how it can improve the lives of the target audience. The content is dependent on the buyers segment and is addressing their particular needs.

We will streamline the call-to-action (CTA) usage to a minimum and focus on education and excitement until the launch date.
Contribution to marketing objectives

Establish coverage of funnel stage consideration with direct conversion impact to go beyond awareness campaigns.

Introduction of multi-channel direct engagement tactics.

Establish a quantitative and qualitative pipeline instead of only focusing on call-to-action to sales approach.

Our traditional business model is heavily focused on a partner/wholesale selling engagement model. Anyways, we also started to sell direct, while keeping the balance with our traditional partner based model. We as digital marketers need to support both models. So far, our activities had been mainly driven by either very generic awareness or super single-sales focused conversion tactics.

Success measurement
  • % reach of total customer base
  • % reach of customers in consideration stage
  • # of pre-orders
  • attributed pre-order conversions
  • Email KPIs:
    • delivery rate
    • inbox placement rate
    • open rate
    • unique click rate
  • Mobile Push KPIs:
    • view rate
    • click rate
  • Facebook KPIs
    • % reach of selected campaign audience
    • impressions
    • clicks
  • Form
    • entered pre-order form
    • # and % completed pre-order form

The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are going to help us to track our contribution to our corporate objectives. They directly relate to the three objectives that we have assigned to this campaign.

We do track further channel specific KPIs, but those are not really specific to this campaign, for example, Email complaint rate.

Engagement type Push We want to reach out to our customers proactively and not wait for them to come to us.
Recurrence One-time -
Duration and frequency

1.5 months duration starting before the launch

The campaign will start exactly 1.5 months before the launch of the product. If customers convert, the critical honeymoon period starts. Obviously I have prepared proper tactics to cover that as well, but it is covered in a separate campaign.

Customer segment

ONE: Pre-pre Gen owner

TWO: Incubators

THREE: Brand loyalist

FOUR: Tech-savvy smart home adopters

The split into three typologies does allow us to personalize our contact, channel and content strategy to the needs of each customer segment.

Furthermore we are able to work in a funnel approach. Based on experience we believe to achieve the highest performance from top to down, starting with the 'Pre-pre Gen owner' down to the 'Tech-savvy adopters' segment. The segments are mutually exclusive, allowing us to be laser focused with repetitive the engagements, while not hitting any fatigue thresholds.

Inclusive customer attributes

ONE: Existing customers who own the pre-pre generation of our vacuum cleaner.

Used attributes:

  • Registered OR purchased category product equals 'Vacuum Experience 2. Gen'

TWO: Prospects who have shown interest in our products for at least one generation without doing a purchase.

Used attributes:

  • Not in segment one
  • Product category ownership for vacuum equals no
  • Interest affinity for product category vacuum equals medium or high

THREE: Existing customers who have a high affinity to our brand in general.

Used attributes:

FOUR: Tech savvy customers who use smart home products of ours.

Used attributes:

  • Not in segment one, two or three

  • Product category ownership for smart home equals yes

Exclusive customer attributes

Opted-out from communication equals 'yes'

Like always, we respect our customers wish to receive marketing communication from us.
Communication outbound channels

Email, Mobile Push, Social Ads via Facebook, Microsite

Content description

The creative content is always promotional while the actual copy and creative is tailored to the one of the four base segments. Each wave is using slightly adapted creatives and copies to positively impact the call-to-action click rates. Obviously each channel has slightly adapted content

The microsite for the pre-orders is the same for every segment and the same applies for the thank-you email.

We are going to work with big number of different creatives and copies to cater for the individual needs of our segments. In addition we are going to use text personalization options for email and mobile push for the additional personal touch.

Regardless of the high number of assets the cost for those is kept to a minimum by re-using a big chunk and between the different channels by only adapting them to the right format, e.g. facebook ad graphics are re-used in email.


Email: 13

Social ads: 8

Mobile Push: 8

Microsite / Form: 1

Stages Three waves with three stages for each except for wave three. Each wave is using an adapted message.

The mix between stages and waves will help us to elaborate the best mix per customer segment:

  • If they do not respond via channel A, we will try a very similar message via channel B
  • If they do not reply in week one during morning hours, we will try again in week two in the evening hours
  • If they did not respond to message A, we will try message B

Running with this approach will help us to build up a better understanding of the needs of our customer base for future campaigns.

The usage of social ads as re-target channel with a custom audience is helping us to be laser focused on social while optimizing our of social media budget.




Like always, we want to be respectful of our audiences' wish to be contacted by us.

Furthermore, we do not want to annoy anybody who has pre-ordered along the way. Therefore we will back-off, if we see a pre-order coming in.

Comments Please make sure to check the flow chart. For any questions, feel free to call me. -

Campaign Flowchart


In this article, you have been introduced to the campaign 'Product Launch'. The example highlighted how you can drive consideration using a segment based messaging approach combined with multi-channel drip campaign.

Looking at examples is great, but how about getting started with the generation of own ideas for campaigns? We have developed a Campaign Ideation with Design Thinking workshop to support your campaign ideation and definition process. Follow the link to learn more:

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