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Last Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Send Out SAP Qualtrics Transactional Survey Links by SAP Marketing Cloud Campaign Execution (Part 1/2)

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SAP Marketing Cloud - Send Out SAP Qualtrics Transactional Survey Links By SAP Marketing Cloud Campaign Execution (Part 1/2)

Are you using SAP Marketing Cloud and Qualtrics in your organisation? Would you like to combine the advantages of both solutions and receive even more personalized and transaction-related feedback?

Within this article, you can learn how to extend the integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and Qualtrics by using SAP standard extensibility tools. The standard integration between Qualtrics and SAP Marketing Cloud (release 2005) only allows survey send outs with Anonymous Links. When using Anonymous Links in Qualtrics, you have to store all contact and transaction based information in the survey response itself as Embedded Data. As our scenario involves business critical data, this is not compliant with the data privacy and protection best practice. Additionally, there are some restrictions that you should be aware of. One example would be, that there is no limit to how many times a respondent can use the Anonymous Link by default. In contrast, transaction-related survey links are making it easier for implementing follow up ‘Close The Loop’ processes. One requirement was to provide the necessary operational data for enabling the analytical and dashboard functionality in Qualtrics. Furthermore, we want to use the Email Campaign execution of SAP Marketing Cloud for sending out transaction-related survey links. This article will explain how to combine the strengths of both solutions.

For more information about the anonymous link restrictions, see Qualtrics Support Page.

Table of Contents

Process Overview

Qualtrics XM is an Experience Management (XM) tool for gathering and analyzing feedback around the four pillars: Customers, Employees, Products and Brand. XM is about bringing together Operational Data (O-data) which is focused business data like Sales Orders or Service Tickets (tells you what's happening) and Experience Data (X-data) which is more about the feelings and perceptions (tells you why something is happening). Qualtrics XM makes it possible to combine O-data and X-data to ensure that every business decision is based on both facts. One of the main tools for gathering this kind of data are surveys.  SAP Marketing Cloud release 2005 comes with a standard Qualtrics survey integration, which allows you to send out Anonymous Links by Email Campaigns (as showcased in the image below). The survey implementation itself as well as the creation of the Anonymous Links are done in Qualtrics. Afterwards the survey responses will be stored in Qualtrics as well as in SAP Marketing Cloud and can be used in both systems for further ‘Close The Loop’ processes.

For more information about Qualtrics Standard Integration to SAP Marketing Cloud, see SAP Help.

In contrast to the standard integration, we would like to send out personalized survey invitations to customers, which are based on one specific transaction (e. g.  service order). For being able to gather transaction-based survey feedback and also being able to send out personalized surveys by an SAP Marketing Cloud Email Campaign, we need to enhance the standard integration. For an overview of the whole customer-specific process which we implemented, please have a look into the following process diagram. One requirement was that the customer should have the ability to give feedback on a recently received service  (e. g. repair request) conducted by a service technician. In addition, it was specified that before gathering feedback related to the service order, the status needs to be 'completed' in S/4HANA and afterwards gets transferred to SAP Marketing Cloud. Technically, this trigger definition was fully implemented in S/4HANA by implementing a custom integration to SAP Marketing Cloud.

The information contained in this document is to showcase one of the many XM use cases which are possible by having the integration with SAP Marketing Cloud & Qualtrics in place. In this example we have a system landscape that consist of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Marketing Cloud and Qualtrics.

After having the relevant data in place for sending out the survey invitations, we need to create a target group in SAP Marketing Cloud with customers who have received such a service order. With this target group in place, we are now able to create transaction-based survey links within Qualtrics for which we need to create three objects in a specific sequence:

  1. Contacts
  2. Contact Transactions
  3. Distribution Links

This means we need to transfer contact and transaction related data to Qualtrics first before creating the survey links. For such custom scenarios SAP Marketing Cloud provides the Open Channel Campaign execution, which enables the feature to send any kind of data to external systems. The Open Channel Campaign sends the data to the SAP cloud middle-ware SAP Integration Suite, where a custom IFlow creates all relevant objects in the correct sequence in Qualtrics and sends the transaction-based survey links back to SAP Marketing Cloud by creating a custom interaction ‘Survey Link Created’. Finally, a trigger-based campaign reacts on this interaction and triggers a personalized email to the customer which also includes the transaction-based link to the survey.

For more information about Open Channel Campaigns, see SAP Help or CX Works Article: Open Channel Campaign with Facebook Messenger.

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