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Project Delivery Framework for SAP Sales Cloud

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Automate sales tasks using SAP Sales Cloud's established frameworks

In today’s customer-focused economy, your sales force should be meeting customers, creating leads, and selling, not spending time on routine tasks such as forecasting and updating spreadsheets. The AI-powered CRM platform in the SAP Sales Cloud solution handles the everyday business of an organization, allowing your salespeople to concentrate on building relationships.

The articles below describe the project delivery framework of our SAP Sales Cloud solutions. The main objectives of these articles are to provide an overview of the project approach and an overview of the solution frameworks of SAP Sales Cloud.

An SAP Sales Cloud project can be an implementation of a single or a combination of solutions from our SAP Sales Cloud portfolio. The SAP Sales Cloud solutions share similarities in their framework and project approach. All  SAP Sales Cloud project frameworks align with the SAP Activate methodology. Moreover, the core principles of the project framework align across all SAP Customer Experience solutions. These fundamental project considerations are described in the overall SAP Customer Experience solutions project frameworkPlease be aware that the SAP Sales Cloud project framework, as well as the over-arching SAP Customer Experience solutions project framework, will continue to evolve. We have already started harmonizing the project delivery frameworks to share the same approach and execution guidance across all of our solutions. You must consider, however, that each solution has its own characteristics and features. In the following articles, you can find execution guidance for each solution of the SAP Sales Cloud: