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Blueprint Workshop | Template Download

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On this page, you can download the Blueprint Workshop deck. The deck should give you a strong foundation for your initial SAP Customer Data Cloud discovery, architecture, data and design conversations. Tailor the template to meet the needs of your project scope.

Table of Contents

What is a Blueprint Workshop?

The word data might sound simple to many, but once you join a data project you realize that there is a lot to consider– how is data gathered, what type of data to gather, where they integrate, and much more. 

Before you develop or design a data project, gather all your key contributors– from developers to legal analysts– and collect their requirements, architecture, and strategy. Don’t skip this step because it makes a data project successful.

With SAP Customer Data Cloud projects, we recommend delivering a Blueprint Workshop. The Blueprint Workshop typically runs for 1 or 2 days and brings the right resources to relevant topics. By the end of the Blueprint Workshop, your project team should have enough information to write their project goals, plans, resources, and schedules, with the Project-fit Blueprint

Why have a deck for the workshop?

Many topics are covered during the workshop, which makes it easy to get lost in the details or skip important topics. This deck, which can be customized and used during the workshop, will help you stay on track. Plus, it purposely includes all the possible features within SAP Customer Data Cloud. We recommend you use the deck to encourage conversation and collaboration, to help jump start your project.

While the initial slides help attendees get aligned with the basics, the remainder of the document introduces an idea or a feature to start a conversation among attendees. When you download the deck, don't feel obligated to use the entire document! Just focus on what you need to get your project to "Start Fast, Stay Fast!"

How to use the document

After downloading the deck, consider these tips to make the most out of your workshop. *Please note: The deck is large, be patient when downloading.

Delete irrelevant topics

For example, if your project does not include IdentitySync, take it out of the agenda (slides 2 and 19) and delete the appropriate sections. Or if you are not implementing webhooks, delete slides 73-78.

Update it with known decisions

For example, if your data center will be in Europe, move the "Planned" border around Europe (slide 21).

Another example are slides with dashed borders (slides 24-27, 30, 77) - here, we recommend you update it with custom diagrams, such as architecture diagrams, created in earlier conversations, or diagrams created based on known factors.

Leverage "Strategy Discussion" and "Working Session" slides

These slides are easy to identify; they have large black and yellow tiles, like the one below.This slide is used  to get the room engaged and start a strategic discussion or an active working session. The black tile indicates the target time slot and the yellow tile indicates how each group can contribute to reaching the team's goal.

Like the rest of the deck, you can customize the slide to make it relevant to your conversation.

Prepare and share

Once you've prepared the deck, distribute it to key organizers from each group. Next, set the expectations you have regarding active and collaborative discussions and have them look through the deck, so they can gauge your intent and on how they can contribute to the discussions. You don’t need to have all the answers, but you should have the right resources involved to make sure decisions can be made during the workshop.

How do you define a successful workshop?

In most cases you can measure the success of your workshop with the help of a Project-fit Blueprint

If you leave the workshop and follow-up by delivering a Project-fit Blueprint and also recorded the technical components, then you did a good job collecting requirements, details, architecture and the many other components that come into play. 

To help reach these goals, at the beginning of your Blueprint Workshop, we recommend that you tell the group your goals of creating their project-specific documents. We find that people more clearly understand the intent of conversations when this goal is clearly  laid out. 

Download the Blueprint Workshop Template

Click on the image below to access the template. Please know  that the document is large and may take some time for the download to complete.



Thanks to this article, you should have the tools to organize your Blueprint Workshop, to get your project in a "Start Fast, Stay Fast" mode. 

In addition to this article, we recommend you download the document below. It will serve as a follow-up to the Blueprint Workshop.