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How to Set Up Communication to Other Systems for SAP Marketing Cloud

5 min read

How to set up communication to other systems for SAP Marketing Cloud

In the past, communication management for SAP NetWeaver platform products was handled through transaction SM59 in SAP GUI's backend. In SAP Marketing Cloud, however, you no longer have backend access. You can still manage communication with other systems by using the frontend Fiori Apps found under section "Communication Management": 

In general, the communication management setup in SAP Marketing Cloud follows the following steps described here:

  1. Create a communication user 
  2. Create a communication system
  3. Create a communication  arrangement

Table of Contents

Step 1: Create a Communication User

  1. Open the "Maintain Communication Users" App: 

    (You can use the search tool to find application)

  2. Click New from the bottom right:

  3. Enter a new username (example, MKT_API_COM_USER).
  4. Enter a password and a suitable description:

    For certificate-based authentication, choose Upload Certificate. The certificate is provided by the external API service (for example, a certificate can be exported from SAP Integration Suite KeyStore. The link to download certificate is provided by SAP Operations in the initial tenant provisioning mail).

  5. Click on Create.

A new user is created in the marketing system that can be used by external APIs to communicate with Marketing Cloud.

Step 2: Create a Communication System

Communication systems are used to identify communication to a specific system (Host, Port, etc.)

  1. Open "Communication Systems" app: 

  2. On the initial screen select New

  3. In the New Communication System dialog box, define an ID and a name for the new communication system.

  4. Enter a dummy domain name for inbound communication. For an outbound connection, specify the hostname of the end-point (hostname of SAP Integration Suite instance).

    If you are using "Cloud Connector", click on the off button and provide the Cloud Connector Location ID.

    If there are multiple administrators for the system, it is a good practice to provide contact information of admin responsible for this communication system:

    If you are using OAuth 2.0, provide OAuth 2.0 Settings:

    You can leave "OAuth 2.0 Identity Provider" disabled or enable and Upload Signing Certificate.

    For more on OAuth 2.0 service click here.

  5. Scroll down and look for "Users for Inbound Communication". Add the previously created communication user at User for Inbound Communication:

    This means that API communicating through this communication system, must provide this user credential.

    Because this communication system is only for inbound communication, there is no need to add an outbound communication user. For outbound communication, one must provide the user and password of an external system that marketing is expected to communicate with using this communication system.

  6. Click Save.

Step 3: Create a Communication Arrangement

Communication User is used to communicate with Marketing Cloud, Communication System defines the system information to communicate to or from, and Communication Arrangement defines the purpose of the Communication by activating required services and URLs.

  1. Open the "Communication Arrangements" app: 

  2. Click on New

  3. Select a Communication Scenario from the list of Communication Scenarios available for Marketing Cloud:

    In this case we pick SAP_COM_0073 because we are creating a communication setup to integrate with Qualtrics survey system as an example. You can change the "Arrangement Name" to pick something suitable for your purpose.

  4. Click Create

  5. In the newly created Communication Arrangement edit view, select the desired "Communication System". In this case we select the one we created earlier: MKT_COM_QUALTRICS. You will notice that the Communication User is automatically populated:

    Note that Communication Arrangement is activated as soon as it is saved as indicated by the Editing Status: 

  6. Click Save.

    You are able to make API calls using the URLs displayed in "Inbound Services" section: 


This article showed you how to set up the communication management in SAP Marketing Cloud. The communication management setup in SAP Marketing Cloud is always the first step to establish a connection to or from another system to SAP Marketing Cloud.