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Day in the Life - The Contact Center Agent

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Day in the Life of a Contact Centre Agent

Have you ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a Contact Centre Agent looks like?

Here is a sneak peek into life of an agent with focus on a range of activities covered by the role leveraging functionalities available in Cloud for Customer (C4C).

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Patricia works as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Customer Contact Centre of Green Energy Limited which is a utility company engaged in retailing electricity, gas, and water. Her role includes supporting customer queries and service requests most of which come via e-mail channel and few of them via incoming calls.

Get Rolling

Patricia starts her day at 8:00 am with a cup of coffee and logs into the Cloud for Customer tenant.

She lands on to the home page and goes through tiles highlighting the tasks requiring her immediate attention. She plans her rest of the day based on the activities indicated on the Homepage.

The tasks for today indicate follow up on high priority tickets which were in the ‘In Process’ status as on yesterday. 

Following Up on High Priority Tickets

She clicks on the ‘My Hight Priority Tickets’ tile and is able to access the list of all Immediate and Urgent tickets either assigned to her overnight since her shift yesterday or are previously in process tickets.

She investigates each ticket one by one and processes them depending on the nature of the query. You can find more details on responding to tickets in the Help Documentation.

Feature Usage

Leverage Ticket Routing Rules for ticket assignment to a specific agent or team.

Answering Inbound Calls

It is 10.00 am and Patricia receives her first incoming call of the day.

Mrs. PJ Bell who is a Residential Customer of GEL calls the Call Center to complain about her broken Electricity Meter. Patricia receives the incoming call via Live Activity Center

Feature Usage

Leverage Computer Telephony Integration

To view the incoming call details in C4C, Patricia clicks on the “Incoming Call”.

She confirms the Customer by clicking on the “Confirm Customer” button:

Call information is updated with the confirmed customer:

She clicks on the hyperlink for the customer, opens the customer record, and views the Customer Overview: 

She confirms Premise by verifying details with the customer:

She goes to the Tickets tab and create ‘New ticket:

Patricia adds the relevant details to the ticket and Clicks ‘Save and Open’

A new ticket is created. Patricia assigns the ticket to the Field Service Team. Patricia confirms for Mrs. Bell that a Meter inspection for the request date has been logged and she will be contacted by a field service agent before the visit. An automatic e-mail messages confirming the ticket number along with other details is sent to Mrs. Bell’s inbox.

Feature Usage

Use workflow rules and e-mail templates for configuring automatic communications.

The ticket is moved from Patricia’s queue to the Field Service Team’s queue.

Depending on the solution configured with C4C for Field Services, the ticket is further processed by them.

Responding to New Tickets

It's 12:30 pm and Patricia is just back to work after a quick lunch. She notices that she has just received a new notification:

She opens the notification and finds that a newly arrived ticket via the e-mail channel has just been assigned to her.

She checks the ticket and finds that it is a request for a special meter reading by one of the existing customers who has just move into a new apartment.

Patricia processes the request by assigning it to the Meter Reading team and then responds to the ticket:

Feature Usage

E-mail, SMS channels, portal integration, Branding Templates, and Workflow Rules may be used to enhance the user experience and efficiency.

Call It A Day

Patricia reviews the tickets available in her queue at the end of the day and marks them for follow up on the subsequent day. She creates tasks and appointments for following up the next day or later in the week, as per priority of the tickets. 

Links to Product Documentation on

Processing Tickets

Computer Telephony Integration

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The article has given an insight into a typical working day of a Contact Centre Agent of Transport Management and touches upon commonly used functionalities in C4C. You may use this as a reference to implement C4C for Contact/Service Centre and adapt them to the applicable business scenario using available features in the application.