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Migrating to SAP Customer Data Cloud

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Everything you need to know to move your users from your legacy provider to SAP Customer Data Cloud

Unless you are starting from nothing, migrating your existing user base from your legacy identity solution to the SAP Customer Data Cloud platform will undoubtedly be a major topic of your SAP Customer Data Cloud implementation.

While there are many things to consider, the key objective of that migration will be to ensure as seamless a transition as possible for your end users with their login details and/or social credentials still working as they used to, so that they can instead focus on the many experience improvements your SAP Customer Data Cloud implementation will bring, such as SSO, risk-based authentication, self-service preference management and more.

This series of articles will aim to guide you through the main steps necessary to achieve a successful migration following well established best practices as well as navigate your way around the most common pitfalls involved in such a critical project.

Table of Contents

Pre-Migration Planning Considerations

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". This adage couldn't be more true for data migration projects. There are so many variables in any project, no-one will ever be able to plan for everything, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying. This part of the series focuses on key aspects of an SAP Customer Data Cloud migration that if overlooked could have dire consequences on the timing of the migration or the experience of your users upon go live.

Avoiding unnecessary delays or last minute frustrations starts here.

Key phases in a SAP Customer Data Cloud Migration Project

No matter what unexpected turn the implementation might have taken, every single SAP Customer Data Cloud Data migration performed by SAP Services has essentially followed the same tried and tested process to great success. This article aims to talk you through all of the steps with full context and expectations for each so you can actively integrate the user migration in your overall project plan.

Not all steps are mandatory, many can be combined, but one way or another, a successful data migration always go through these key phases.

Mastering Password Hashing Algorithms

A very specialized but oh-so-important topic. Here lies the secret to offering that smooth, seamless transition for your migrated users from your legacy identity provider to SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Ensure your users can keep their existing credentials by having your technical team read through this article.


You've embarked into the implementation of SAP Customer Data Cloud because you truly care about your end-users' data and their experience when connecting with your brand. This experience very much starts with the migration of their precious personal data. Take every possible care with it, consider your options carefully and keep the communication going with every stakeholder in the project so that at the end of the road, your customers have a cosy new home in SAP Customer Data Cloud.

P.S. Migrating from SAP Customer Data Cloud

Clearly this section is out of place, and we can't think of any reason why that would ever have to happen, but you ought to know; you have complete control over your data and should you ever find the need to do so, you will find no obstacles between you and getting a dump of all of your users in a self-service manner using either our IdentitySync platform or our bulk extract APIs (SELECT * FROM accounts)