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Recommended Roles in SAP Sales Cloud Implementations

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Gain a quick understanding of recommended roles and their tasks within SAP Sales Cloud implementations.

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The following article will provide insight into typical project roles required for SAP Sales Cloud implementations. For larger projects, roles may be filled by one or more people, where for smaller projects, one person may fill multiple roles. This is most applicable to Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) but may also be applied to “Specialists” on the project team.

The below section will depict the roles that pertain to one of the three main teams:

  1. Client Team: The group that owns the software and is implementing it.

  2. Project Team: The group contracted to implement and customize the software. 

  3. SAP Account Team:  We recommend to keep the SAP Account team, such as Customer Success Manager and Customer Engagement Executive updated with the ongoing implementation. Customer Success Managers can plan and coordinate the delivery of relevant proactive support checks and enablement offerings as part of the customer’s support engagement plan. Driving close collaboration with implementation partners during the launch phase facilitates successful handover to support. Close alignment with Customer Engagement Executives ensure, that customer’s product feedback is considered in the future direction of the solution.  

Multiple setups for who leads the project are possible. The project might be led by the customer, for example, when the customer’s resources have lots of knowledge about the solution being implemented. This setup is more common with on premise solutions given their long standing availability on the market. However, it is uncommon for cloud solutions, for the same inverted reason. There’s also a geographical variance between solution knowledge within customers. Northern-European countries tend to have stronger knowledge of SAP solutions, compared to other geographical regions.

A project can be led by an implementation partner, which is the majority of cases for cloud projects, due to the limited solution and architecture knowledge within the customer’s resources. This variation can also be led between the customer and the implementation partner, where decisions are taken in conjunction.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Area Responsibility
Executive Sponsor

Oversight/Decision Maker

  • Determines the objectives and success criteria

  • Controls the overall budget and schedule

  • Ultimately approves any critical decisions and go/no-go

  • Provides strategic direction and issue resolution

  • Is the escalation point

  • Attends Steering Committee meetings

Program Manager Project Manager


  • Manages the budget and staffing

  • Reports and tracks time

  • Acts as a first-level escalation point

  • Manages release planning

  • Manages resource planning

  • Works with stream leads and regional team managers to identify and schedule contributor resources

  • Works with stream leads to assist them in managing scope/content for each release

  • Reports to the Steering Committee

Engagement Manager/Delivery Director

Engagement Manage/Delivery Director

  • Top level leadership: Aligns with client and SAP Service Delivery Manager
  • Is accountable for overall implementation delivery
  • Manages overall expectations
  • Handles resource planning and staffing
  • Is the escalation point
  • Is part of the Steering Committee

Account Executive/Solution Sales

Sales - Software

  • Is part of the sales role for SAP Customer Experience solutions portfolio

Pre-Sales Engineer


  • Supports the Account Executive to determine the size and complexity of a project
  • Recommends modules and solutions
  • Incorporates accelerators like Model Company and Best Practices for faster time to value and reduced risk of failure

Service Sales Executive

Sales - Services 

  • Coordinates and presents proposals for consulting services as well as for other services, for example, Black Belt on Demand Services

Service Delivery Manager or Engagement Manager


  • Defines service plans content to deliver Professional Services

Customer Engagement Executive

Account Management

  • Account Management

  • Accompanies the customer in the adoption lifecycle from onboarding through renewal

  • Helps to identify options for value realization and activation of additional solution capabilities

  • Provides change management best practices

  • Helps the customer to maximize the software subscription

Customer Success Manager

Account Management

  • Is the main point of contact for customer success and supports with best practices and enablement sessions

Subject Matter Expert (SME)


  • Represents the various areas of business (Business, IT, Operations)
  • Identifies requirements
  • Works with stream leads to provide content
  • Delivers new recommended practices
  • Updates existing recommended practices

Business Analyst/Product Owner

Functional Requirements

  • Gathers the requirements
  • Liaises between business and technical teams
  • Translates requirements into epics and user stories

Solution Architect

Technical Solution

  • Captures non-functional and technical requirements to build the technical solution
  • Translates the functional and non-functional requirements into an architectural design

Stream Leads

Day to Day

  • Coordinates a team of resources that can consist of Business Representatives, Business Analysts, Product Owners, and SME's.
Business Representative

Day to Day

  • Part of the client team working on requirements with the project Product Owner/ Business Analyst and internal Subject Matter Experts
  • Acts as the single point of contact when project team needs clarification on business requirements
  • Works with the project team Business Analyst to refine functional requirements per sprint and backlog prioritization
  • Approves sprint acceptance criteria
  • Works with business users to perform post-sprint user testing and user acceptance  testing
Data Protection Day to Day
  • Defines detailed requirements as they pertain to data protection

  • Ensures the compliance with the data protection policy and regulation

  • Reviews Epics and User stories to ensure, data protection regulations are applied

Technical Lead Delivery
  • Leads the technical team and aligns closely with Project Management
Technical Consultants Delivery
  • Provides technical expertise 
  • Provides functional knowledge transfer to system administrators
Functional Lead Delivery 
  • Leads the functional team and aligns closely with Project Management
  • Plans tenant strategy, backup plans, and productive tenant provisioning
Functional Consultants Delivery
  • Provides functional expertise
  • Performs scoping and fine-tuning of the solution
  • Executes functional tasks
  • Provides functional knowledge transfer to system administrators
  • Executes the tenant provisioning strategy
Integration Lead Delivery
  • Plans the integration strategy
  • Leads the integration resources
  • Aligns closely with Project Management
Integration Consultant Delivery
  • Realizes system integration
  • Extends integration services if needed
  • Performs integration knowledge transfer to system administrators

Organizational Change Management

  • Oversees the business transformation of implementing a new solution
  • Creates change plans and communicates to impacted parties
  • Transitions from change to operations 
Test Lead  Day to Day
  • More likely to be applied in more complex implementations
  • Responsible for the execution of System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Performance Tests.
Quality Assurance  Day to Day
  • Writes and executes test cases
Trainer  Day to Day
  • Trains end users on new solution
System Administrators  Day to Day
  • Works close with implementation resources (functional, technical, and integration)
  • Executes tasks during cutover to Production tenant
  • Is responsible for the maintenance of the solution post go-live
  • Performs first level troubleshooting for raised incidents


The resource role recommendations here serve as a guideline. Depending on the organization and the complexity of the project, some roles may not be applicable or in certain cases, additional roles that are not listed here are required. In a larger program that includes multiple solution implementation projects, some of these roles can be shared. You can refer to Overall SAP Customer Experience solutions Project Framework for information. 

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