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Consent Expert Practices | Presentation Download

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Customer Data Cloud - Consent Expert Practices

Consent is a complicated discussion that impacts legal requirements, customer experience, data, and system architecture. 

The presentation template, linked in this article, guides you through the considerations and decisions to make to successfully implement the Consent module within the Customer Data Cloud Platform. Always follow the guidance of your legal team and/or Data Privacy Officer prior to making any final decisions on Consent processes. 

Consent Expert Practices | Presentation Template Download

Click on the above to download the presentation template. Use it as a means of initiating critical Consent topic discussions as well as to capture specific requirements.

Feel free to customize it to align best practices with the project specifics.


  • GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) Overview
  • Customer Experience Impact on Consent
  • Examples of Customer Experience Flows
  • Consent Definitions
  • Right to be Forgotten/Right to Access Data
  • Architectural Considerations
  • Consent Migration


  • Please review the complete presentation but be aware that some topics might not be pertinent to your specific situation. 
  • Examples of customer experience flows and architecture are just examples of possible configurations. Use them only as guidelines. 
  • ALWAYS include your legal team and/or Data Privacy Officer in your discussions. 


Consent requires consideration across your whole platform architecture. Although this document only covers Customer Data Cloud, always consider Consent across your architectural landscape. Future documents will show examples of architectural considerations when multiple SAP Customer Experience solutions are involved.