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Monitoring (Part 3/3)

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In this article we will look into where and how you perform the right level of monitoring in SAP Sales Cloud and SAP BW/BI (Business Warehouse/Business Intelligence - Central Analytics).

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Monitoring can be done on both sides, in SAP Sales Cloud and in SAP BW/BI.

Monitoring in SAP Sales Cloud

In Sales Cloud Solution you find the Monitoring functionality in the Business Analytics work center on the Common Task tab:

From there you can identify which DataSources have been replicated to BW, if the replication was successful or not, how many entries were transferred and how long the extraction was running in your SAP Sales Cloud.

If errors occur during the data transfer you will be able extract the error messages from the log Details.

Monitoring in SAP BW/BI

On the other hand, BW provides you certain monitoring capabilities as well. For example, when you are in an InfoPackage you can select the Monitor for BW Object from the toolbar.

This will bring you to the object monitor and will provide you details about the last extractions together with success or error messages. From the Details block you can even get the information in which step errors occurred:

The Monitoring part concludes the article about the basics on integrating SAP Sales Cloud with SAP BW / BI.


Key lesson is that proper monitoring is done on both sides, both in SAP Sales Cloud and in SAP BW/BI

Hope you enjoyed the article series: SAP Sales Cloud Analytics: Integration to Central Analytics (SAP BW/BI) via Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) 

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