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The Importance of the Registration Completion Screen-Set

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SAP Customer Data Cloud provides registration and login flows out of the box known as screen-sets. These screen-sets are a series of successive screens that cover most of the scenarios encountered when a user wants to login to your website. In this article, we will mainly discuss the Registration Completion screen that will be presented to the user when we require them to enter additional data manually in order successfully complete the registration.  We will also discuss the reasons why the registration completion is so critical.

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User Experience 

When the registration process includes more than a couple of fields, in order to encourage users to sign up, we strongly suggest breaking down the registration process in a two step flow. This is because users typically get discouraged from elongated registration screens and leave the registration process midway if they feel it is too long. In order to decrease the drop off rates, we advise breaking down the registration in two screens: the Initial Registration Screen and the Registration Completion Screen. From a UX perspective, on the first screen, if you divide the number of fields requested in half, you create an illusion that the registration is shorter, when in fact you are requesting the same amount of data from the user. This encourages the user to sign up since once they enter all the data in the first screen.  They will naturally complete the last bit of data required in the second screen in order to complete their registration.  For a visual aid, below is an example of the out-of-the-box registration completion screen set:

In this example, we are asking the user to enter their e-mail address, year of birth, and postcode in order to complete registration. They can also decide whether or not to subscribe to the site's newsletter by checking the relevant checkbox.

Mandatory Fields

The Registration Completion screen should also be used to gather information missing from the user profile that is necessary for your site's business function. This is information that the user will need to enter manually. The user will be blocked from completing the registration until they enter this missing information. The most common scenario is where we request from the user to enter data we need them to provide by themselves, such as their home address or phone number, or a decision whether they want to subscribe to the site's newsletter or not. Below are other common scenarios to think about where the registration completion screen can be useful:

Registration via Social Providers

Users have the ability to register socially with the built in widget of the SAP Customer Data Cloud screensets. Every social network gathers different information from the user, and there could be a scenario where the social network does not return data to fill up the fields that are required in the user schema. In this case, the user is shown the Registration Completion screen in order to enter in the missing data and enable them to complete their registration. 

New Required Fields

Business requirements and goals evolve and change over time. The data you require from your user to complete their user profile might change one day.  You might find yourself requiring extra data from your existing users. In this case, after this extra field is set as required in the user schema, every next login attempt from your registered users should include the Registration Completion screen which requests this new data entered manually from the users. For example, if you decide for business purposes that you suddenly require your user's favorite color, they will be asked to enter their favorite color the next time they attempt to login to your site. The login will not complete successfully until they have entered their favorite color.

Always make sure to include all your required fields in the Registration Completion screen. You can set them as visible or invisible on the screen depending on whether you already have the data available for the specific user or not, however, it is good practice to always have all required fields on the screen as a fall back plan.

Consent Flow

When using the Customer Data Cloud's Customer Consent product, you have the ability to require your users to re-consent to an updated required consent statement. In this scenario, the Registration Completion screen is presented to the user requesting that they reconfirm their consent. The user will not be allowed to login to the site successfully without agreeing to the new updated consent statements.

SSO and Site Group Scenario

In an SSO or site group setting, where site A, B, C, and D are setup as a site group, there could be a scenario where there are no mandatory fields required from users on site A for proper business function, however, in site B we need the user to enter their postcode and in site C we need the user to agree to the Terms of Service.  If the user first registers on site A, and then proceeds to login to site B, the server attempts to log them in automatically, but is missing the required field. In this case, the Registration Completion screen will be displayed and the user will be requested to enter their postal code manually in order to complete their login to site B. Let's say a few days later, the user decides to login to site C, the Registration Completion screen will be displayed again to them this time requesting their consent to the terms of service of site C.  

There could be a scenario where a site D requires an invisible field to be set in the user profile that would be completely hidden from the user, but necessary for back-end function. The Registration Completion screen can also include these invisible fields and could be set once the user attempts to login to site D.

User Migration

When a website's architecture moves to Customer Data Cloud we can perform a user migration effort in order ensure the architecture change is seamless to existing registered users. One of the first steps of the user migration is to set all mandatory fields of the user profile as required. When importing thousands (sometimes millions) of user records, there could be instances where we end up with missing or invalid mandatory fields for specific users once the user migration is completed. In this case, the Registration Completion screen is used to prompt users to enter the missing information manually the next time they login. This ensures that the website gathers all of the necessary information from its users after the migration is completed. 


We have seen the importance of the Registration Completion screen in the user registration journey. From a UX perspective, this screen set not only enables us to ensure lower registration drop off rates, but also helps us make sure we gather all mandatory fields for our site's proper function and business needs. We should use it to our advantage when needed.