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Key Resources in Successful SAP Customer Data Cloud Implementations

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Did you know?

Did you know that a 4-man bobsled team can reach speeds of 93 mph with a reported world record of 125 mph? In a sport where success is determined by fractions of a second, each member of the team must work in harmony to achieve victory. 

Fortunately for us, the timeline for a successful SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) implementation is much more forgiving. But like the members of an Olympic bobsled team, each individual in our project team has an important role to play in driving that overall success. 

This article will highlight key resources we recommend you have in place for your next SAP CDC implementation.

Table of Contents


The pushers are the engine of the team. They are the front-end and back-end engineers responsible for integrating CDC into your digital properties. They are the quality assurance engineers ensuring your customer data is flowing as designed. Pushers should also include your UI / UX engineers responsible for creating the customer experience across your various customer touchpoints. 

Engineers create the channels for capturing first party customer data. But that data also needs to be syndicated across your organization. Therefore, we recommend adding the subject matter experts (SME) from each of those consuming system to your project team. Their role is critical in determining which customer data elements are needed for their specific area of focus. SME’s may include data privacy officers, security officers, and marketing specialists. 

Having a strong, dedicated team of pushers will provide the momentum and energy needed to deliver a successful CDC implementation.


The brakeman is the first person to enter the sled and their timing determines the success or failure of the run. Jump in too early and you lose critical distance with which to build speed. Too late and you risk fishtailing the sled losing all the velocity your team has built. 

The brakemen are our technical and functional project leads managing timing and cadence. They work closely with the pushers to manage the day-to-day tasks of the project. They understand and communicate the business and technical requirements driving your implementation.

In bobsledding, a good brakeman will know all corners of the track and be able to provide feedback to the team. Likewise, your technical and functional leads will know all elements of the implementation and are best equipped to assess the overall status of your project.


Pilots possess the skills to finesse the 1400-pound bobsled along the optimal path for greatest speed. Our pilots are the technical architects driving the design and solution.

The architect’s job is to understand the organization’s ecosystem and how your customer data will flow to the individual systems. They are focused on the finish line and beyond, laying the groundwork for future-state goals.

The architect is pivotal for knowing how all the pieces fit together and ensuring the team glides to a successful finish. 

Coaches & Sponsors

Tune into any Olympic bobsledding event and you will see sleighs wrapped in big brand corporate logos like BMW, Under Armour, and KOA. These sponsors dedicate the time and money needed to support their teams aiming for a podium finish.

Such support is also required by your implementation team. Coaches like project managers or SCRUM masters facilitate the team’s activities and deadlines. Executive sponsors approve project funding, champion the initiative, and serve as the contact for escalation.

Proper coaching and executive sponsorship will ensure the implementation team achieves its objectives and project goals.

“Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time!”

The 1993 Disney movie Cool Runnings is loosely based on the Jamaican national bobsled team’s debut at the ’88 Olympics. The film depicts 4 ex-Track & Field athletes, and their American coach, coming together to do something seemingly impossible; represent a tropical nation in the winter sport of bobsledding. 

While the characters may have been fictitious, the lessons learned from coming together as team can still resonate today. I hope you will consider assembling your own amazing team of pushers, brakemen, pilots, coaches, and sponsors as you embark on your next SAP Customer Data Cloud journey.

CDC Expert, Scott Ramsey (left) returning from a whitewater rafting trip with the incredible Leon Robinson [Derice Bannock, Cool Runnings]

TL;DR – Our Recommended Team 

Every successful SAP Customer Data Cloud implementation starts with the right team. Below are our recommended resources to build your perfect project team.


  • Front-end Engineers
  • Back-end Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • UX / UI Engineers
  • Subject Matter Experts
    • Data Privacy Officers
    • Security Officers
    • Marketing Specialists 


  • Technical Lead
  • Functional Lead 


  • Technical Architect 

Coaches & Sponsors

  • Project Manager
  • SRUM Master
  • Executive Sponsors

For a detailed list of roles and responsibilities please check out our Recommended Staffing for SAP Customer Data Cloud

“Cool Runnings” means “Peace Be The Journey” – Derice Bannock, Cool Runnings