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Special Access Control Topics - Delegates

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Manage Delegates for Access Control

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Special Access Control Topics - Delegates

When users are out of office, their substitutes need to be able to continue their work. They may need to have the same access rights during this period.

To provide these access rights, the work center can be used. Below are some of the areas of the work center to be aware of:

  • The ability to delegate access rights, from one user to another, is covered in the work center under “Delegates”. 
  • The work center can be accessed through the "Administrator" or "People" work center. 
  • The work center view is assigned to Access Context “2008 – Org.Unit”. Therefore, it is possible to restrict access. For example, to employees of their organizational unit.

In the following section, you can find an example of how this works.

Example Scenario

Norbert Toll is the manager of the sales unit BFT Nord.

The following employees are working for Norbert: Paul Altona, Norbert Toll, Knut Hansen, and Frank Coast.

Due to this assignment, Norbert has access to all their customers.

The reason for Norbert to access the accounts of Mini Gross will be described later.


Frank Coast is a sales representative working in Norbert Toll’s sales unit. He has access only to the customers where he has been assigned as an account team member.

In addition to the "Accounts" work center, he is also assigned to the "People" work center which provides him access to the "Employees" work center view. Please note, he only has "read" access rights.

As the manager, Norbert Toll is planning to leave for vacation. He creates a delegates entry for Frank Coast to substitute for him during his absence.

With the sales manager role assigned, Norbert can access the "Delegates" work center view as part of the "People" work center. In addition, he has "write" access to the employees.


The "Delegates" work center view in the "People" work center only allows him to create entries for himself. The administrator can also create a delegate entry for other employees.

As long as this delegates entry is valid, Frank Coast inherits the following access rights from Norbert Toll:

  • Access to the customers that Norbert Toll has access to (the customers of Norbert’s team owned by Paul Altona, Norbert Toll, and Knut Hansen). As you can see, Frank has no access to the customers owned by Mini Gross. This is because Norbert is currently substituting Mini and therefore he has inherited her access rights. But the inherited access rights from delegates are not inherited to further delegates.
  • Write access to the employees.
  • Access to the "Delegates" work center view. With this, he can also create delegate entries.

With his inherited access to the "Delegates" work center view, Frank has also created a delegate entry for Knut Hansen. This entry is valid for the same period since he will be substituting his boss, Norbert.

With this assignment, Knut has access to Frank's customers but not to those customers Frank has inherited from Norbert.

Also, Knut has no "write" access to the employees and delegates. This further highlights that the delegated access rights are not further inherited.


This article introduced you to the use of delegates to extend access context. In case you face any access right issues, please always check if there are any delegate entries active for the users.