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How to Make a Great SAP CPQ Project Come True

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Below you will find a list of articles (that will be augmented in the near future) on different implementation and functional specifications of SAP CPQ (SAP Configure, Price, and Quote). Following the additional information and knowledge acquired after reading these articles, you will be able to check your project and use hints and advice from the articles to fix identified issues. 

The presence any of these implementation errors is common for most SAP CPQ implementations, especially when implemented by those who came into the field recently. These issues must be fixed as many can impact your project severely.

Table of Contents

SAP CPQ Topics Covered in the Series

Non-Deterministic Product Rules Execution in the SAP CPQ Engine

The SAP CPQ product rules engine operates in non-deterministic way, that is, rules are executed repeatedly up until two consecutive iterations result with identical sets of values for all attributes. The number of execution cycles is unknown in advance.

Dev Console as Key Assistant and Checker for your Projects

The SAP CPQ Dev Console is quite a powerful tool that gives comprehensive information about every execution step in your implementation. Product rules analysis, performance optimizations, and pin-pointing triggers of individual value changes are just some of the tasks that the Dev Console can help you resolve with success.

How to Boost and Maximize Your SAP CPQ Scripting Performance

Do you want to know what are the scripting performance issues spotted regularly, even for projects executed by experienced SAP CPQ implementers, that by rule make the difference between a successful project and a failure? These are easy to understand and relatively cheap to mend as the fix usually affects 10 to 20 lines of code.

How to Further Enhance Your SAP CPQ Scripting Performance Work

The article "How to Boost and Maximize your SAP CPQ Scripting Performance" highlighted the three most frequent scripting performance issues that can bring projects down. This article will deal with three more issues that can also be significant contributors to performance degradation on a project.

Safe Way to Do UI Customizations

Flexibility of the UI setup in CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is one of the main selling assets of CPQ. The fact that implementer can do almost anything does not mean it comes without costs. Learn what the costs are and avoid, well in advance, to roll out a non-maintainable enterprise implementation.

Learn About All Ways to Integrate to SAP CPQ

SAP CPQ has a quite rich set of exposed connectors that other applications can use to integrate with it: multiple different flavors of APIs, events subscription, prepacked cloud Integration capability in SAP Integration Suite flows and plus the functional potential of the SAP Integration Suite. Learn about all options that you can use to develop an integration toward SAP CPQ.

Note: The articles in this series are currently in progress and this list of articles will continue to enlarge in future releases. 


This series will equip you with detailed knowledge on how to independently resolve some stumbling blocks for your SAP CPQ project implementations. 

Please reach out to if you think these articles can be supplemented with additional content.