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Recommended Staffing for SAP Customer Data Cloud

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Assign the right resources to lead your project

Contribute to a smooth project experience by assigning the right resources from the start of your project.

Recommended Resources

Based on our experience, we recommend the following resources from your system integrator.

While you review these suggestions, keep in mind that your organization may use different titles or may have assignment protocols to follow.

Role Responsibility

Project or Executive Sponsor

  • Project owner and business champion.
  • Escalation contact.
Data Privacy Officer
  • Validates that the project design supports data policies and legal requirements.
Project Manager
  • Manages resources, schedules, objectives, goals and overall project maintenance.
Technical Architect
  • Understands the organization's technical ecosystems and how data flows across all components.
  • Leads and actively participates in the technical design and solution.
  • Regularly validates that solution updates compliment the existing and future architecture.
Technical Lead
  • Drives development resources to implement the solutions as recommended by SAP and SAP partner experts per the unique project requirements and objectives.
Data Lead
  • Understands the project requirements and how data is used and processed.
  • Possesses or can provide access to data systems to relevant resources.
Functional Lead
  • Aligns and designs functionalities with use cases and requirements.
User Experience Lead
  • Aligns with SAP and SAP partner experts to design the optimal user experience flows.
Mobile Developers
  • Focus on iOS or Android development as specialized developers.
Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Test that features and data is processing and functioning as defined by the project.


By beginning your project with the right resources, you can encourage a quicker start and a smoother project experience.

Now that you have these recommendations, take time to thoughtfully assign your resources and begin your SAP Customer Data Cloud solution.

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