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Brush Away All Doubts About SAP CPQ Functional Topics

2 min read

With SAP CPQ (Configure Price Quote), many concepts from its business flow or many topics related to its functional implementation are insufficiently understood and people are sometimes confused about how some of those functions really work. There are probably many reasons for this, from the rushing pace of development in the industry or lack of time to learn the deeper details, all up to the specifics of SAP CPQ. The application objects overlap significantly and for each there are usually multiple locations inside of the application from which the object behavior might be altered. Also, setup of an individual object can be spread over several different sections in administration - with good reason - but that can still create confusion with people who try to master the concepts. The number of different topics might be another argument in this last group.

Our official documentation divides topics into portions following setup pages and conquer each in a comprehensive and well documented way. But it is difficult to get a big and firm picture of how something works in detail (e.g. pricing in SAP CPQ) by reading numerous individual help pages. An alternative is to spend certain time on engaged work on the topic or to participate several SAP CPQ projects to master all details of it. Typically, there is not a lot of time for this.

This series of articles is the solution for the problem. We will give you a list of short articles which will provide you a consolidated, accurate, and holistic overview of an important concept in SAP CPQ - all from the most experienced people in the SAP CPQ community. This will keep you from needing to read many documentation pages and from doing long hours of testing in order to consolidate all details into a global, solidified, and minimized picture of how something works. You deserve the time savings!

Please study the individual child articles given here, at your convenience.