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Customer Snapshot

Improving the Quality
of Life for Citizens
of Flanders

Since the year 2000, TMVW has constantly added new services to their core business and became a leading multi-utility, multi-service company in the region of Flanders, Belgium. As the responsibilities of TMVW field workers expanded, their IT department realized the need for a mobile solution to simplify data capture to help employees succeed.


TMVW - Tussengemeentelijke Maatschappij der Vlaanderen voor Watervoorziening


Gent, Belgium

Customer Website



~ €300 million (2011)

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners


Line of Business

Service, Asset Management, Information Technology



Featured Products

SAP for Utilities, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Multiresource Scheduling


Through the changing needs of time

Business Model

Multi-faceted provider

TMVW is a multi-utility, multi-service company that serves municipalities in East and West Flanders, Belgium. Started as a drinking water company in 2000, TMVW has constantly added new services to its core business – following a corporate mindset of anticipating customer demand and exceeding expectations through forward-looking and high-quality services.


Today, the company’s services include provisioning and distribution of drinking water, remediation of waste water, and maintenance of sports infrastructures and swimming pools.


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About TMVW

Success Strategy


TMVW is a dynamic environment and IT always strives to be one step ahead of the business to meet future demand.

The Challenge

Going mobile – for real

As the number of services TMVW field workers manage continued to grow, the IT department faced a particular challenge: The technicians still used a paper based process to manage activities, such as work orders and van inventories. Paper based processes resulted in manual intensive processes, which also resulted in additional struggles to get timely information, such as a facility’s maintenance history out to field workers on a job.


Enter SAP

Turning to the IT landscape experts

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Growing through the decades with SAP

TMVW turned to SAP and Capgemini back in 2001 to set up an IT landscape that was easy to implement and built to scale with growth.


  • Starting with a core SAP ERP system, the company first implemented functionality such as plant maintenance, project systems, finance, and HR.
  • Then TMVW added industry-specific solutions from SAP for Utilities to better serve its customers and SAP Analytics.
  • As the business expanded, the company rolled out the SAP Multiresource Scheduling application to better plan for the increasing number of work orders sent to field employees.
  • The next step was implementing a mobile landscape to fully utilize the potential of its SAP investment. The IT team heard from the company’s 200 field workers to build out customized, user-friendly applications that would provide the highest value.

The SAP Experience

Implementing with Capgemini is key

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Capermini provides a future-proof mobile architecture

Better Business

The freedom of automation

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Working more efficiently

80% of TMVW’s back office processes are automated and its field workers use the SAP Mobile Platform on a daily basis. The platform delivers all of the information field workers require to serve customers, ranging from the customer’s name and address to the specifications of the facility they have to work on. This automation frees up resources in TMVW’s back office and enables better customer service – supporting TMVW´s most important KPI.


Serving the people

To really understand the impact, consider this scenario through the eyes of a Flanders resident:


You spent the last couple of weeks coaching your kids for the annual swim meet, and now you can´t wait for Saturday to arrive. But opening the morning newspaper, you read that the local pool had to close due to a burst water pipe. Worrying that the event will be canceled, you pick up the phone and call the pool administrator.


Thankfully, the employee on the phone assures you that everything will be fixed in time. A service technician from TMVW, a multi-utility, multi-service company that serves municipalities in East and West Flanders in Belgium, arrived this morning and was able to start working immediately. Thanks to the map of the pipe system the technician had on his mobile device, he was able to locate the defect quickly. And thanks to the company´s deployment of the SAP Mobile Platform, his mobile device showed him that all the equipment needed to fix the pipe was already in the van.

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The benefits

“Thanks to the synchronization of the mobile app with SAP’s materials management, for example, we now have everything in place to restock the vans when field workers return…we can handle more work orders than before and make sure that all planned maintenance is finished on time.”


From weeks to days

With improved data and timely completion of work orders, the time from order-to-cash was cut significantly. Billing can now be processed in days rather than weeks.

Run Simple

Going above and beyond

But TMVW is not stopping here. As a next step TMVW aims to roll out an application that enables customers to proactively track their order status. Customers can rely on the company to continue providing innovative, best-in-class services – and the people of Flanders can continue enjoying their weekends at the local pool.


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SAP helps us serve our customers better

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