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Customer Snapshot

Data Management Brings More Surprise-and-Delight to Shoppers


Faster data access for planning and reporting



With 1,400 stores, Migros-Gruppe is Switzerland’s biggest retailer. This is because it puts quality above all else. The same is true for one of its most important subsidiaries, Magazine zum Globus, which offers savvy shoppers high-end fashions, beauty products, and accessories that add a touch of pizzazz to everyday life.



Magazine zum Globus (Migros Group)


Zurich, Switzerland

Customer Website




CHF803 million (€668 million)

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners

Retail Solutions AG

Line of Business

Information Technology



Featured Products

SAP Business Warehouse, SAP HANA platform


World-class emporium from 19th century to today


  • 1892Josef Weber, son of a wealthy merchant, opened "J. Webers Bazar," Switzerland's first major emporium, in Zurich.
  • 1896This quality emporium traded under the name "Globus."
  • 1907 Banker Heinrich Burkhardt founded the joint-stock company Magazine zum Globus. The flagship store in Zurich has its roots in "Webers Bazar."
  • 1954Following World War II, the boom years began. Globus recognized the signs of the times and launched the Italy promotion "L'Italia al lavoro" with 3,000 new articles in 1954. This is followed in 1956 by the USA promotion.
  • 1967 A sensation on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse: at the newly opened store, Globus offered customers a genuine shopping experience. The revolutionary aspect was the way goods are organized in "worlds of experience." Things belonging together in everyday life were now "showcased" together.
  • 1996The fulfillment of a long-held dream: Globus went nationwide. Globus opened in Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Lucerne, and Locarno. Globus was now represented in all parts of the country with 11 department stores.
  • 1997 Under new ownership: Migros acquired Magazine zum Globus, the Globus companies' parent company. From day one, the strategy is to maintain the Globus companies' independence with regard to market identity and purchasing. ln short: "Globus stays Globus, Migros stays Migros."
  • 2013Migros is Switzerland's largest retailer, largest supermarket chain and largest employer. It is also one of the 40 largest retailers in the World.
  • 2013Enjoying ongoing worldwide success and expansion.

Success Strategy

Five guiding principles

Globus is the innovative, high-end department store where shopping is an exceptional experience. The retailer endeavors to constantly surprise and delight their customers with goods and services.


Globus has established five principles that guide
their business: New, Inspiring, Quality, Competent, and Personal.

The Challenge

Data retrieval, analysis, and storage

The company needed to reduce storage space for data on 37 warehouses, 800,000 items, and 3,500 deliveries. The retailer also wanted to speed-up data retrieval and improve insight and planning. For example, to help identify the budget amount needed for the fashion department’s winter collection, and details such as how the collection would be divided across different locations, etc. Decisions like these are supported by KPIs from previous years that can compare inventory purchased to actual sales.

Enter SAP

Just what they were looking for

With SAP software already in place for financials and reporting, it made sense to go with the SAP ERP application and achieve complete software integration.


Less storage demands, more intelligent strategies

Since migrating the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application to the SAP HANA platform, reporting is faster and data storage has been reduced by almost 75%. This means that reports are ready in seconds, ensuring that analysis and planning are in line with real-time market demand, so that nothing is purchased that consumers eventually don’t buy.

Lessons Learned

Following suit for optimization

Efficient and integrated planning is very important for the retailing business. Magazine zum Globus has seen what in-memory computing has done for others, and can now say that “SAP HANA really delivers."

Journey Ahead

Seizing more opportunities with data efficiency

Additional companies of the Migros-Group will be integrated into the same SAP HANA System. The data compression will easily enable data combinability of different company groups, thus tremendously reducing maintenance. With the availability of SAP Business Suite on HANA, the retail group sees many different opportunities to improve and fasten processes.

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