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Customer Snapshot

Uniting a Global Workforce Delivers More Than Just Smiles


revenue growth in 2011
(plus 20% more employees)




With DENTSPLY’S continuous growth through innovations and acquisitions, one thing was slowing it down: the lack of a core HR system that could serve as a foundation for workforce planning. Enter SuccessFactors Employee Central, which replaced 56 resource-intensive payroll systems and gave the company a single view of its global talent for the first time.


In 2011, DENTSPLY grew its revenues by 14.8% and boosted its employee population by 20%.


DENTSPLY International Inc.


York, Pennsylvania, USA

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US$2.93 billion (2012)

Number of Employees


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Line of Business

Human Resources


Life Sciences, Healthcare

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SuccessFactors Recruiting, SuccessFactors Compensation, SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll


Changing smiles for over a century


  • 1920The company established its first international office, a manufacturing facility located in Paris, France. A second Paris facility was added to the lineup in 1924.
  • 1952Dentsply erected a new building in York, Pennsylvania to accommodate principal manufacturing and research divisions. By the end of the year, the majority of associates had moved from the "Big Apple" to York, known as the "White Rose" city.
  • 1959The company initiated and financed dental insurance coverage for its 2,300 employees in York and Philadelphia. This groundbreaking agreement was the first of its kind in the nation.
  • 1969The Board of Directors officially changed the company name from The Dentists' Supply Company of New York to DENTSPLY International Inc.
  • 1988DENTSPLY entered the medical X-ray market. Within the next few years, DENTSPLY established a solid presence in the medical X-ray field and expanded its product line.
  • 1989The Dentists' Supply Company of New York was founded, and released its first product: artificial teeth called Platinum Pin Teeth. This product represented a major improvement in the design and manufacture of previous artificial teeth and dentures.
  • 1993After 11 years as a private company, DENTSPLY went public again in 1993 under the ticker XRAY.
  • 1999DENTSPLY celebrated 100 years in business.
  • 2011 DENTSPLY completed the acquisition of Astra Tech AB, a leading provider of dental implants, customized implant abutments, and urology and surgery products, from AstraZeneca. This was the largest acquisition in DENTSPLY’s history.

Business Model

Leading dental and healthcare products
around the world


DENTSPLY International Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of dental and other healthcare products. For over a century, the company’s commitment to innovation and professional collaboration has enhanced its portfolio of branded consumables and small equipment. Headquartered in the United States, DENTSPLY has global operations with sales in more than 120 countries.

Success Strategy

Growing by innovation—and acquisition

DENTSPLY’s aggressive growth goals and strategic acquisition strategy keep pressure on headquarters to run more efficiently. When DENTSPLY acquired Astra Tech AB in 2011, the company’s headcount grew 20% during a year in which its revenues surged 14.8%. As a result, the company began looking for a globally integrated, consistent, data-driven approach to managing its workforce.

The Challenge

Lack of visibility hampers workforce planning

Lacking a core HR system, DENTSPLY faced an uphill climb as it prepared for ongoing growth. The company struggled to form a comprehensive view of its global workforce. For example, payroll data lived in at least 56 different systems, which meant that basic HR reporting required intense manual effort.


DENTSPLY’s management realized that their existing systems couldn’t provide insight into the current employee population or the projected supply and demand for talent. The company needed a system that could help it identify and fill workforce gaps and facilitate workforce planning.

  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-dentsply-the-challenge-vidcj726.mp4
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Global focus is just one of the important reasons to choose SAP

Enter SAP

Only robust solutions need apply

DENTSPLY began looking for a single system of record that would let it stop relying on dozens of payroll systems for employee data. The company required a scalable system with rich functionality that would meet complex requirements as the company continues to grow and expand. In addition, DENTSPLY looked for a system that could implement quick, easy, cost-effective future integrations of multiple payroll and ERP systems across the company’s many geographies.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-dentsply-global-focus-is-just-one-of-the-important-reasons-to-choose-sap-vidcj727.mp4
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Global focus is just one of the important reasons to choose SAP

  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-dentsply-giving-us-the-flexible-user-friendly-system-we-needed-vidcj728.mp4
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Giving us the flexible, user-friendly system we needed

The SAP Experience

Consolidating 56 HR systems into one

DENTSPLY implemented Employee Central—SuccessFactors’ global core HR solution—as the foundation for its global talent management and workforce planning strategy. The goal? Save time and cut costs by eliminating the need to manually manage 56 disparate HR systems and their data.


We see SuccessFactors as a partner in meeting our high expectations for developing an effective global workforce. Throughout the implementation of Employee Central, SuccessFactors has demonstrated the ability to share our vision for Dentsply’s future. We look forward to working with them to meet our workforce management goals in the years to come.


Running Better

Only one solution measures up

DENTSPLY evaluated several vendors in search of a complete HR solution that could help it meet ambitious growth targets across a complex global footprint. The only company that could meet the mark was SuccessFactors.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-dentsply-the-only-company-to-offer-a-total-solution-vidcj729.mp4
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The only company to offer a total solution


Employees in 48 countries see the difference

After rolling out SuccessFactors Employee Central in 48 countries to support about two-thirds of its employee population, DENTSPLY began delivering accurate reporting and analytics from a single system of record for the first time ever. Leadership has easy access to a comprehensive view of the global workforce. And as DENTSPLY grows and prospers, management can use the system to make strategic decisions related to workforce needs.


Employee Central provides real-time, transparent views of the current employee population and enables reporting on turnover trends and compensation linked to performance. It will also dramatically improve adherence to standardized HR processes and workflows.

  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-dentsply-one-example-of-the-benefits-successfactors-offers-vidcj730.mp4
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One example of the benefits SuccessFactors offers…

Lessons Learned

Discovering the value of a connected workforce

As they benefit from their first-ever centralized HR system, DENTSPLY employees around the world are connecting and building relationships with colleagues across divisions, regions, and countries. Together, employees can work toward common goals that will drive DENTSPLY’s growth, as well as their individual career growth.


For this global workforce, It’s a small world

DENTSPLY branded its new HR system as DENTSPLY Connections. Employees continue to log onto DENTSPLY Connections daily to help them work together across time zones and geographies—leveraging their global knowledge and sharing their experiences in ways that benefit the company.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-dentsply-the-ease-of-connection-has-an-inspirational-impact-vidcj731.mp4
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The ease of connection has an inspirational impact

Journey Ahead

Partnership for productivity

DENTSPLY plans to implement additional SuccessFactors solutions that will help automate HR processes and enhance business execution. The company aims to improve its efficiency in managing compensation, recruitment, and goal and performance management—and views SuccessFactors as a partner in its progress.

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