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Customer Snapshot

We’re Making
"Polyclonal Antibodies"
a Household Term

When your child, spouse, or pet isn’t feeling well, you want to help them get better as soon as possible. For over 40 years, Bethyl Laboratories has provided top-quality antibody products and services to improve lives. But when their legacy software could not keep up with their accelerated rate of innovation, they decided to implement the SAP® Business All-in-One solution.


Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.


Montgomery, Texas, USA

Customer Website



~US$20 million

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners

Bokanyi Consulting, Inc.

Line of Business



Life Sciences, Healthcare

Featured Products

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, SAP Business All-in-One


Helping treat disease for over 40 years

Since 1972, Bethyl Laboratories has been in the business of providing quality antibody products and services for both clinical and research applications. By manufacturing to exacting standards and validating the antibodies in a wide range of applications, Bethyl is in the best position to help researchers accelerate new discoveries in cell biology and provide products and services to help in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Business Model

An antibody for any application

Bethyl's purpose is to improve lives by supporting scientific discovery. By adhering to this purpose, Bethyl’s dedication to providing products and services of the highest standard is unmatched. The company is unique in their end-to-end control of the entire antibody lifecycle, and the attention to quality at every step. The integration across each stage of the process means scientists can rely on Bethyl antibodies for their cellular biological needs.

Success Strategy

Powerful proteins enable new discoveries

Since antibodies are essential to the human immune system‘s proper functioning, using them to treat disease is a critical extension of their natural role. Through collaborations and scholarly research, Bethyl continues to identify new and emerging proteins of interest, including polyclonal antibodies for cancer research. Bethyl aggressively produces antibodies to new proteins, as well as classic proteins for which there are a shortage of quality antibodies.

The Challenge

An opportunity for better visibility and productivity

Bethyl is always innovating, researching, and developing new antibodies that will improve lives. But, when Bethyl realized that their legacy system couldn’t support the requirements of a growing company, they decided that something needed to change. Processes for month-end reporting, product costing, purchase-order processing, credits, and returns were deficient, and data was not accessible across the organization.

Enter SAP

Flexibility and scalability are keys to success

When Bethyl started evaluating their options, they knew that they needed a platform that could be customized for their unique business requirements. They wanted to ensure an efficient implementation of a scalable and flexible solution that would ultimately support their business needs and enable future growth.

The SAP Experience

The right solution for positive results

By deciding on SAP solutions and partnering with Bokyani Consulting, Bethyl’s implementation took no more than 7 months to complete. While stabilization was quickly achieved, the implementation team also successfully completed the train-the-trainer program, with more than 30 users now using SAP software.

Better Business

Tackling business processes with ease

With SAP’s broad range of solutions that cover multiple industries and lines of business, Bethyl was able to review the options and choose a solution custom-tailored to their unique business needs. By implementing a scalable and flexible solution that will support future growth and that supports critical business functions, Bethyl realized the importance of selecting a solution from a vendor with years of expertise, and who will support their business in the future as the need arises.


SAP and Bokanyi Consulting have enabled us to fully integrate our order-to-cash business processes with our purchasing and production functions. This has allowed better financial reporting as well as a more accurate inventory of raw materials and finished goods.

- Jennifer Homann, Chief Operating Officer, Bethyl Laboratories Inc.

Run Simple

Delivering better antibodies to save lives worldwide

With the efficiency and integration of their SAP software, Bethyl can now focus more time and energy on mission-critical tasks.


Bethyl not only keeps on growing their business, but also continues to discover new antibodies for clinical and research applications in order to improve – and save – lives around the world.

Journey Ahead

Bethyl and SAP: Synthesized for continued success

Because of the SAP All-in-One solution, Bethyl is now poised to deliver antibodies to meet the demands of biological research, diagnosis, and therapy for many years to come.

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