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Customer Snapshot

Micro-Brews. Macro Solutions.

Still hopping after

350 years

of brewing


Molson Coors Brewing Company is charting their growth course through craft beer acquisitions. But with so many acquisitions, they sought to reduce complexity, increase speed and predictability, and improve analytic capabilities. SAP HANA will help deliver unprecedented visibility into the business and support real-time decision-making.



Molson Coors Brewing Company


Denver, Colorado, USA & Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Customer Website



US$6.6 billion

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners


Line of Business

Marketing, Information Technology


Consumer Products, Beverage

Featured Products

SAP BW powered by SAP HANA


Premium portfolio. Global brands.


  • 1873Adolph Coors opened Golden Brewery in the US Rocky Mountains.
  • 1890Electricity allowed introduction of refrigeration and year-round brewing at Molson.
  • 1916Prohibition in US forced Coors to make malted milk, near beer, and porcelain instead.
  • 1937Coors introduced the waterfall logo and “Brewed with Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water” slogan.
  • 1949Molson’s first million-barrel year.
  • 1959 Coors introduced aluminum cans and cold filter brewing.
  • 1978Coors Light launched as “The Silver Bullet.”
  • 1989Molson merged with Carling O’Keefe.
  • 2002Coors acquired Bass Brewers in the UK.
  • 2005Molson and Coors merged.
  • 2010Brewing began at Molson Coors Si’hai Brewery in Chengdu, China.
  • 2012Molson Coors acquired Star Bev in the Czech Republic.
  • 2013Molson Coors acquired Franciscan Well in Ireland and announced a new craft brewing division.

The Challenge

Smoother integrations of acquisitions

Much of Molson Coors’ recent growth has occurred through strategic acquisitions of smaller brewers. To successfully integrate their data, Molson Coors needed to update their business intelligence infrastructure. Plus, growing data volumes were beginning to degrade reporting system performance and business units were becoming frustrated when finance reports were not completed on time.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-molson-coors-frustration-on-the-business-side-vidcj1078.mp4
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Frustration on the business side

Enter SAP

A trusted partner

Molson Coors is a long-time SAP customer, running three instances of SAP Business Warehouse and seven instances of SAP ERP Central Component throughout global operations. The brewing giant uses SAP BW to analyze their business against key performance indicators in every department. Based on their trusted partnership, because of their evolving business intelligence needs, Molson Coors went straight to SAP to learn more about SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA.

The SAP Experience

Weekend migration

Transitioning to SAP BW on SAP HANA was as simple as a database migration. The SAP BW application layer was not affected, meaning there was no disruption to operations and business users didn’t have to make any changes to their workflows. After experimenting within SAP Sandbox and Development environments for six weeks, Molson Coors completed the production migration to SAP HANA in a single weekend.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-molson-coors-migration-in-one-weekend-vidcj1079.mp4
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Migration in one weekend...

Better Business

Free to dig deep

The in-memory computing in SAP HANA allows Molson Coors to perform complex calculations at the database level instead of the reporting level. This frees the brewing company to find new insights for improving business, operations, and customer experiences by digging deeper into the vast amounts of data.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-molson-coors-what-was-not-possible-before-vidcj1080.mp4
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What was not possible before...


While they sleep

Nightly report schedules are now completed before 8 a.m. the following day, so business users have the data they need to make informed decisions to drive business. Furthermore, Molson Coors can manage business intelligence projects more efficiently. Project prototypes that used to take five days can now be completed in one day.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-molson-coors-in-1-day-instead-of-5-vidcj1081.mp4
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In 1 day instead of 5

Run Simple

Tapping into consumer tastes

SAP BW on SAP HANA gives Molson Coors the added ability to analyze customer sentiment gathered from social media channels. The brewer now can gain valuable insights into how customers feel about their brands. Such information can be used for everything from sales and marketing to product development.

Journey Ahead

Making it happen

Molson Coors expects that SAP HANA will simplify future acquisitions through improved business reporting. The brewer also has plans for additional SAP collaboration.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2014/customer-journey/cj-molson-coors-global-reporting-is-much-easier-moving-forward-vidcj1082.mp4
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Global reporting is much easier moving forward…

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