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Customer Snapshot

Leading Technology into Sustainability


Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


Air Products is a leading chemical and gas supplier, serving a wide range of industries to improve the performance of countless industrial and consumer products, from televisions and ice cream to rockets and ventilators.


It may be surprising to learn that Air Products is also known as an innovative leader in environmental technologies, making them a globally recognized leader in the sustainability area.


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Turning Air into Products


Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.


Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Customer Website



US$10.1 billion

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners


Line of Business

Human Resources, Sustainability, Finance, Information Technology



Featured Products

SAP Travel OnDemand, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM), SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management), SAP Afaria



  • 1940Leonard Parker Pool founds Air Products in Detroit, Michigan, on a simple but revolutionary idea: the "on-site" concept of producing and selling industrial gases.
  • 1957 Air Products enters the international market for industrial gases through Air Products (Great Britain), Ltd., a joint venture with the Butterly Company.
  • 1960Company founder Leonard Pool is featured on the cover of Business Week.
  • 1962Air Products stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time as its sales pass $100 million.
  • 1969The company's position in chemicals expands with the acquisition of Escambia Chemical Corporation, a U.S. company in Pensacola, Florida.
  • 1975Air Products is awarded a $287 million contract from NASA to supply liquid hydrogen to the US space shuttle program.
  • 1978 The company makes the Fortune 500 listing on the strength of $1 billion in sales.
  • 1990Air Products acquires a 49% percent interest in Sapio in Italy, and completes the acquisition of Carburos Metálicos in Spain and Korea Industrial Gas.
  • 2007Air Products becomes the leading industrial gas supplier in central Europe by acquiring the industrial gas business of BOC Gazy.
  • 2010Air Products was named a Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes Leader for climate-related innovation and carbon management programs.

Business Model

Global responsibility, local focus

Air Products is responding to market needs through innovative solutions while promoting environmental responsibility. Its regional business model provides consistent product quality internationally while maintaining a local focus.

Success Strategy


Touching the lives of consumers around the globe by building deep relationships.

Excellence, people and the environment

The company has built a reputation for its innovative culture, operational excellence and commitment to safety and the environment. Its focus on innovation, integration and improvement while taking the lead position in energy, environment and emerging markets—will drive growth and remarkable sustainability measures.


6 aggressive environmental goals:

  • 7% less energy usage
  • 7% lower GHG emissions
  • 10% less water usage
  • 20% less hazardous waste
  • Maintain toxic releases
  • Reduce fleet emissions by 2-10%

The Challenge

Seeking global process control

Air Products identified the critical need to standardize systems and gain more control and flexibility through consistent global work processes that would allow transparency across all businesses.


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Gaining Transparency

Air Products identified the critical need to standardize systems and gain more control and flexibility through consistent global work processes that would allow transparency across all businesses.

Enter SAP

One company to align

Air Products formed the One Company initiative under which it resolved to transform its business groups into a single unified organization with shared common applications and uniform simplified practices for using them. To sustain business growth and follow compliance regulations, it needed a wide portfolio of technology solutions which SAP was able to provide.


Sherryanne H. Meyer, Manager, IT HR Applications, Air Products Inc.

Sherryanne H. Meyer, Manager, IT HR Applications, Air Products Inc.

“SAP ERP HCM is our single system of record. Alignment around common processes, the
application of structural security globally, and the ability to enable employees and managers to administer their own data has provided a
huge payback for us.”


The SAP Experience

Trusting SAP to the core

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A Supportive Partner

Air Products has a proven and dependable history with SAP as a long-time partner. SAP’s product functionality matched the company’s organizational requirements and offered a stable platform and established market leadership not only with their core products but also in the mobile and sustainability area.


Air Products faced an enormous effort in transforming the fundamental business model of its 20,000-employee global enterprise. With SAP, the company has a long-term partner which supports their company strategy.

Running Better

Reacting quickly to changing needs

Air Products now has a single global system with standard processes, integrated data, and full compliance with growing environmental regulations. At the same time, Air Products is now able to react quickly to changing needs within the company through rapid-deployment solutions as well as an integrated, mobile solution.


“Now that technicians have actual information from our central system, we can react to customer requirements more precisely, give technicians nearly real-time information, and integrate PDA information with our portal.”

- José Antonio Garcia Espinoso, Project Leader, Air Products



Global improvements

Gaining competitive advantage through better services:

  • Centralized functionalities which lead to greater transparency
  • Simplified administration and support services
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Reacting quickly to rapidly changing technology requirements


26 out of 40 countries have implemented SAP ERP Human Capital Management so far.

Down 50% in document processing time


Lessons Learned

Brilliance in planning

Business and IT leaders from Air Products and SAP worked together to build a road map for satisfying the remaining requirements as well as future needs through product upgrades and additional SAP products. The company formed a five-year plan for implementing the SAP applications and their associated best practices. The schedule began with a pilot launch in Germany, which offered the advantage that most types of Air Products’ businesses were represented.


After the pilot launch, lessons learned were applied to follow-on implementations across North America, Europe, and Asia.


Adaptable solutions

  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2013/customer-journey/cj-air-products-and-chemicals-real-time-information-at-their-finger-tips-vidcj275.mp4
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Real-time information at their finger tips

With SAP, the company has a solution portfolio that can be adapted to changing needs, helping to keep Air Products on top of the competitive climate within each business sector.


Staying competitive thanks to SAP



Journey Ahead

Staying open to new solutions

Satisfied with initial deployments, Air Products is moving forward with site implementations. The company continues to refine and enhance its solutions with their collaborative partners at SAP.

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