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Manage the human impact of your business and protect your entire value chain

Sustain equitable, responsible business practices that positively impact people AND our planet. Together, we can enable a future with zero inequality.

Enforce equality and human rights

Protect human rights across supply chains to ensure decent work, reduce inequalities, and mitigate risk while complying with ESG Due Diligence regulations. 

Ensure safety, health, and labour rights in the workplace

Increase engagement and productivity by creating a caring culture where workers are kept safe and treated fairly.

Foster talent with people sustainability

Sustain a future-ready workforce by ensuring everyone is treated fairly with equal opportunities, leaving no one behind. 

Manage the social impact of your business

Hear from Gitte Winther-Bruhn, Global Head of SAP Sustainability, Social Responsibility solutions—how sustainability isn’t just about going green; it’s equally about how people are affected by your business decisions. SAP Sustainability solutions for social responsibility enable you to get full visibility into the social impact of your business across your entire value chain so you can enact positive, tangible change.

Featured sustainability solutions for driving zero inequality

Integrate ethical and socially responsible practices into a competitive business model.

Ensure workplace safety

Help ensure the safety of employees and customers by proactively identifying, analysing, and mitigating environment, health, and safety risks.

  • Make operations safer
  • Manage EHS more efficiently
  • Safeguard operational continuity

Manage supplier risk

Provide a safe and cohesive risk intelligence to guide supplier selection, qualification and segmentation.  

  • Minimise forced labour risk in procurement with ongoing monitoring of your suppliers.  
  • Address forced labour in supply chains with data transparency, network collaboration, and a remediation process.  
  •  Ensure compliance with Human Rights Due Diligence regulations.  

SAP and our customers are working together to reach zero inequality

Enabling a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce

See how the NBA is helping ensure a sustainable future by finding and training the right talent and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion business-wide.

Reducing operational risk and improving productivity

Discover how Ternium Brazil is making health, safety, and sustainability a hallmark of its operations with an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) model.

Creating positive change for its workforce

Consider how Chobani is using human experience management (HXM) solutions to provide a robust experience across its entire employee lifecycle.

Cultivating strong supplier relationships

Learn how Mary Kay aims to achieve excellence in its business operations and meet sustainability and social impact goals by ensuring its suppliers are on the same page.

Building a future-ready workforce

Learn how the University of Toronto is running SAP SuccessFactors to identify both skill sets and talent gaps to target recruitment and training efforts.

Transforming into a workplace where every employee can thrive

See how Transport for London is using SAP SuccessFactors solutions to recognise and reward top talent and nurture employee growth throughout the employee lifecycle.

Connecting women-owned small businesses with the world

See how WEConnect International is building a powerful, secure platform to achieve equitable supply chains that connect the world’s largest buyers with the best women-owned small businesses.

More social responsibility solutions for a positive impact on people and the planet

Product compliance

Manage regulatory and sustainability requirements, track registrations and substance volumes, classify products, and create compliance documents, as well as package, transport, and store hazardous materials properly with accurate labelling.

Sustainable procurement

Help your buyers make smarter, safer, and more compliant decisions before purchase, while focusing on sustainability. Prioritize your corporate responsibilities and identify critical issues affecting the supply chain.

External workforce management

Facilitate socially responsible employment while finding, engaging, managing, and compensating a diverse contingent workforce and unlocking its value.

Customer data management

Build trust with your customers by enabling transparency in how you collect and use their data, while giving them control over their own data. 

Employee perception

Understand how employees perceive your ESG effort in terms of Planet, Prosperity, People, and Policy, and make data-driven decisions on how to engage employees in your ESG efforts to achieve your goals.​

People sustainability

Gain insights on compliance and ethics by using aggregated analysis and reporting of HR data to foster employee diversity and inclusion business-wide.

Automated product compliance

Streamline compliance processes to protect your revenue and brand value and mitigate risk and compliance costs. 

Manage risk and performance

Gain actionable insights into supplier's environmental, social, and ethical risks with intuitive scorecards and business sustainability ratings.

Hear from experts in people sustainability

Watch an expert session with IDC

Join Aaron Green, Chief Marketing & Solutions Officer at SAP SuccessFactors and guest speakers from IDC to learn what people sustainability encompasses, how it drives positive economic and environmental outcomes, what differentiates the leaders in people sustainability, and why technology is critical with stricter ESG regulations.

Investments in people sustainability drive positive business outcomes

Today, the term sustainability is related not only to the environment, but to an organisation’s ability to support its workforce, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. This IDC infobrief shares key insights on how organisations are achieving success with an integrated approach to people sustainability. 

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