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Transform patient care with our healthcare industry software

Deliver personalised, cost-effective care with SAP’s software for the healthcare industry. Our solutions cover everything from healthcare analytics and electronic medical records (EMR) to health information exchange (HIE) and beyond. Harness leading technologies to build effective information systems, practice evidence-based medicine – and improve the overall patient experience.  

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The future of healthcare is simple

Many healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with evolving patient needs and their increasing desire to be more active in their own care. Find out how advanced analytics and a simplified, real-time IT platform can help.

Can your medical organisation compete?

26% of healthcare providers don’t have access to the information they need – when they need it – to support decision making, analysis, planning, or forecasting requirements. Want to benchmark
yourself with peers?


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Workforce 2020 for the healthcare industry

What will the workforce look like in 2020? And how can healthcare organisations and IT prepare? To find out, Oxford Economics surveyed more than 2,700 executives and 2,700 employees from companies in 27 different countries. This fact sheet outlines the findings.

Report: Healthcare gets personal

New research from Oxford Economics explores the payoffs and challenges of moving to individualized treatments. Read the report – and find out why 68% of global healthcare organisations surveyed say personalised medicine has a positive impact on patient outcomes. 


The Big Data RX for patient care

How is the MemorialCare healthcare system finding new best practices for evidence-based patient care? Bloomberg Businessweek reveals their methods for collecting data, quickly processing massive data sets, and analysing it all in a dedicated BI and analytics portal. 

Real-time analytics for big health data

Federal agencies, discover how you can improve patient care, shrink costs, and foster medical breakthroughs. Here’s how to use SAP’s real-time analytic tools to leverage big health data – from electronic medical records and research to insurance claims and social media. 


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Cancer Brain Trust Unites to Fight Cancer with Technology

Learn about the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s CancerLinQ platform – an SAP co-innovation initiative that uses technology to help fight cancer. 

"SAP Healthcare: A Check-Up" Video Collection

Tune into this SAP TV series featuring the technologies, partnerships, and people on the front lines in the battle against illness and injury. 

The Links Between Healthcare IT and Patient Care

What is the impact of IT on healthcare, and what role does SAP play? From Big Data to cloud and mobile devices, this infographic helps connect the dots.


Healthcare on the move: Apps and sensors

More than 40,000 mobile health apps are already in use worldwide – helping to improve patient outcomes and enrich their lives. Learn about mobile’s current impact in healthcare, and see how sensors and Big Data are shaping its future.

The business case for using Big Data

Learn the critical role of Big Data and Analytics in operationalizing and managing quality, value-based patient care in hospitals. Real-time information from cutting-edge technologies is helping address payment reforms and increased government requirements.


Turn Big Data into big opportunities with SAP Digital Business Services

The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to provide personalised, best-in-class patient care for less. New regulations and reimbursement models – as well as high patient expectations and more informed, digital healthcare consumers – mean that organisations need to adapt to stay at the forefront of your field. The good news is that you can overcome these challenges by harnessing Big Data and turning it into actionable, decision-ready information. That’s where SAP Digital Business Services comes in.

Our services can assess your current data management situation, show you what Big Data can do for your organisation, and map out steps to get you there. We can help you develop a Big Data solution that’s tailored to your specific goals. And we can amplify the benefits of your solution with tools to ensure it is fully adopted, supported, and used to its maximum potential.  


Personalise healthcare delivery and improve outcomes using real-time, relevant data at the point of care

Optimise operational efficiency, billing and reimbursement, and compliance with Big Data management

Accelerate and simplify Big Data technology implementation with SAP’s exclusive best practices and experts


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Enhance your knowledge of SAP software, develop new skills, and bring more expertise to your company. Our full suite of software training and education courses and certifications can help you maximise the power of your SAP solutions.

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