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Enable successful program deployment and operations

Safeguard your SAP solutions with SAP ActiveAttention

Plan and safeguard complex system landscapes, projects, and operations with the SAP ActiveAttention program. Different levels of services help you deploy, use, run, and support your SAP software investments throughout the solution lifecycle.

Get expert support – right by your side

Turn digital concepts into value-based, predictable outcomes with precise and dedicated business, and technical guidance – from prepare to run.

Independent of any crisis, our premium engagement customers always have the option to receive remote service delivery. To help ensure business continuity, even during difficult times like these, SAP is always here for you.

Comprehensive portfolio

Access a range of services that cover various deployment options across all SAP solution investments. 

Strong foundation

Address the full scale of your business demands and IT requirements with a single point of contact.

Tailored services

Focus on business topics that drive the right business outcome by using services that adapt to your needs. 

Realise the right outcomes with strong engagement

Optimise operational excellence and cover IT demands with a strong engagement foundation based on committed planning and safeguarding services.

Foundation services

A technical quality manager (TQM) provides an overall service engagement plan and governance structure. They facilitate the delivery of the engagement foundation services as well as regular reporting, with the support of SAP Mission Control Center.

Architecture point of view

Define and optimise your solution landscape and IT operations and design your to-be IT architecture orchestrated through SAP Transformation Hub.

Engagement planning and safeguarding / Improvement analysis and road map

Complement your planning activities with engagement services that define your optimisation strategy for project safeguarding and operations. Get comprehensive services to dive deeply into  a specific topic from the service portfolio and creates a customer-specific and prioritized follow-up plan.

Comprehensive portfolio with predictable outcomes

Apply easy-to-consume service and support engagement personalised to meet your needs with predictable outcomes in any deployment scenario.

Independent of any crisis, we help ensure a  remote service delivery for business continuity.

Innovation services

  • Work with a lean digital innovation team with ongoing innovation cycles
  • Explore business possibilities and build functional prototypes


  • Create an actionable plan for value extraction
  • Define value maps and gain a clear understanding of value metrics

Architecture planning

  • Target architecture in line with the product vision of SAP
  • Validate the technical design of on-premise, cloud, and hybrid landscapes

Analytics and data management

  • Improve data integration, quality, governance, and design
  • Prototype next-generation scenarios such as machine learning, Big Data, and the Internet of Things

Implementation support

  • Preconfigure your technical infrastructure, data migration, and ready-to-use processes
  • Accelerate the implementation plan of your transformation project

Cybersecurity and compliance

  • Define your unique security and compliance road map
  • Identify critical gaps and optimisation potential

Platform as a service and DevOps

  • Integrate your current landscape with SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Develop agile, modern cloud applications quickly


  • Analyse functional design and architecture and validate functional gaps
  • Define action plans to address risks and issues to performance, technical integrity, and stability

End-to-end hybrid operations

  • Allow proactive monitoring and alerting
  • Prioritize your list of critical areas and road map for next steps

Accelerated support

  • Target initial response and resolution to secure connections and data for regulated industries
  • Ensure regular alignment and transparency and gain insights into root causes

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

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See how Shikoku Electric Power Company made the most of market deregulation by creating a road map for digital transformation.

Energising interactions and experiences

Learn how increasing the performance and efficiency of technology made interactions at Public Power Corporation more productive.

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